Set Up and Administrate Your Bridge Account

Applies to

Bridge by Smartsheet

Account Administration

Users and Admin

From the silhouette in the top bar you can access several account related functions.

Users and Admin
Admin is where you can add or remove other users to your account. On the admin page create a new user by clicking the New System Admin button. When you've completed the form they will receive an email with instructions for setting their password.

New System Admin


You can separate your workflows into one or more Workspaces in Bridge. Access an already existing workspace, or create new ones from the dropdown in the top bar.

Separating workflows has two benefits. It can help you logically separate workflows that belong to separate working groups in your organization, such as departments or teams. It can also be a useful way to separate your live workflows from workflows you are experimenting with or still designing.


Note that workflows separated by workspaces can't interact with each other. This means if you have built a parent workflow with one or more Child Workflows they all need to exist in the same workspace.

Integrations also need to be authenticated in each workspace. This means different users can authenticate in different workspaces allowing you to build workflows with different permission levels.