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Set Up and Administrate Your Bridge Account


  • Bridge by Smartsheet

Set up your account

If your organization doesn’t have a Bridge account contact your Smartsheet sales team who can create one for you. They will need the name and email of the user who will be the first user set up. When the account has been created that first user will receive an email with your organization's unique URL prompting them to set their password and log in. 

If your company already has a Bridge account anyone with login access can add more users. If you are unsure of who in your organization has access, reach out to your Smartsheet sales team and they can tell you who the account was originally created for. Once that person has added you in Bridge you will receive an email with the URL to login and set your password.

If you have access to Bridge and want to add more users log into your account and find the silhouette in the top right corner of the screen. Select Admin to get the System Admins page. From here you can click the New System Admin button and enter the details for a new user. 

From the silhouette in the top bar you can access several account related functions.

Account Related Functions

Change My Account settings

To change your password when logged in navigate to My Account. Set a new password in the Password field and validate it by typing it in again in the Confirm Password field below.

Change Admin settings

Admin is where you can add or remove other users to your account. On the admin page create a new user by clicking the New System Admin button. When you've completed the form they will receive an email with instructions for setting their password.

New System Admin

To delete a user click on their name in the list. On the new page click on the three dots to access the option to Delete the user.

Delete User

Manage Workspaces

To create new or delete existing workspaces click on the folder icon in the top bar. In the dropdown that appears click on Manage Workspaces. This takes you to a list of all your workspaces.

Manage Workspaces

To create a new workspace click on the button in the lower right corner, give your new workspace a name and click Save. A popup will appear confirming it was created and that you will be taken to the new workspace in 5 seconds, to stay in the current workspace, click Cancel.

If you want to delete one or more workspaces check the box next to the ones you want to delete and click on the three dots in the top right corner. Click Delete. Note that you can’t delete the workspace you’re currently in.

Alternatively you can copy the content of one workspace into a new or existing workspace by selecting only one workspace and clicking on Copy Content in the dropdown.

Delete and Copy Content

Manage API Keys

You may need to generate API keys for Bridge. For instances, you may have purchased services from Smartsheet where our consulting teams help you build workflows or even new integrations. To install these integrations or workflows you may need to generate an API key and share it with the architect working with you in order for them to install the integration they implemented or import the workflows they build. Another case may be if you have a support ticket open, we may sometimes need to look into error logs accessible via an API and may then ask you for an API key.

If someone from Smartsheet asks you for an API key you can navigate to the Manage API Keys page and generate one there, give it a name that helps you remember why you generated it. Remember API keys are like passwords so once it is no longer needed you should delete it.

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