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Customize sections


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Who can use this capability?

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Collaborator 

How do I organize assets into sections?

Sections appear across the top of your Brandfolder and Collections.

They are the broadest way of organizing assets in Brandfolder and are commonly used to separate assets by their category, type, or purpose. For example, a single Files section might be too broad, making it harder to find specific types of images. Instead, you might create one section called Product Shots and one called Event Images to keep these assets separate and easier to find. 

Sections allow you to provide more refinement, organization, and customization beyond the standard sections of a Brandfolder. For example, you might create:

  • a People-based section named Leadership Team
  • a File-based section named Product Shots
  • a File-based section named Sales Sheets
  • a File-based section named Presentations
  • an Information-based section named About Us
  • an External Media-based section named Product Videos
  • a File-based section named Fonts where you upload raw font files not available in the Web Fonts section

Adding Sections

  1. To add your sections select the pencil/paper icon to the left. Only Admins can customize sections.

This image shows the sections button.

  1.  Click the + Add a new section button.
  2. You will then need to give the new section a name, and you MUST select the asset type from the drop-down menu. The most common asset type will be Files, which is anything you upload into the platform that users can download. Once these two fields are complete, select + Add Section.This image shows the manage sections panel.
  3. Your new section will now appear with other sections. Select Save at the bottom of the screen.This image shows the save button in the manage sections panel.

Editing Sections

  1. To edit a section, you will select the pencil/paper icon. 
  2. To the left of each section is a move-to button and a pencil/paper button. The move-to button allows you to reposition the sections in a different order. The pencil/paper button allows you to rename the section. 
  3. To the right of each section is a trash can button. Selecting this will remove or delete a section. 
  4. After using each function, you will want to select the save button. 

If you have many different sections, you (the admin) can change your settings so that your sections appear as a drop-down menu. Go to your Settings > General Settings > Display Sections As dropdown to do this. Make sure to refresh your page for these changes to be applied.



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Who can use this capability?

Owners, Administrators, and Collaborators can configure pins.

If you can search for it, you can save it with Pins. Pins are saved searches for important items like a specific tag or custom field. Pins can be set up by Admins and Collaborators for other users so that they can quickly find the assets that are the most important to them. 

To create a pinned search for a specific group of assets, start by bulk tagging your assets with a like term - we recommend doing this upon upload.

Once you have tagged the assets-follow these steps:

1. Select an asset tagged with the term you want to pin.This image highlights a tag titled Body of Water in the overview tab of the asset modal

2. Select that tag. Doing so will then filter across all of your sections for any assets that have that tag for ex: tags.strict:"Body Of Water".  All items in your Brandfolder that are tagged with that exact term will then show up for your users.


3. Select the pin icon on the right side of the search bar to pin that search. You will then want to clean up the label to be more user-friendly and select Create Pin.This image depicts someone creating a tag titled Body of Water.


4. Your Pin search filter will appear in the Pins list. Select the pins button to feature it so users can easily select the pin search filter.

This image shows the pin button above the search bar.

5.  This will open up a new modal where you can edit and delete pinned searches and features. To feature a pin search filter, select the featured box next to the pin name you want to display for users to select easily. Select save.

6. Your Pin search filter will appear below your sections; users can select it to filter by that term.