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Use workspaces and the workspace solution panel

Find items in your workspaces with the solution panel.


  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Think of workspaces as shared storage where you can:

  • Organize different Smartsheet items—folders, sheets, reports, and dashboards—so all shared users can easily find them
  • Share the workspace to selected collaborators once, so you do not have to share each Smartsheet item (but you can if you need different permission levels).For example, you may need to create a workspace for each of your clients or each department in your organization.

Find the workspace containing an item

When you open an item in a workspace, the solution panel opens and shows you where the item is stored. You can close the panel or interact with other items in the panel.

Solution Panel animation showing how to access the panel.

With the solution panel expanded, you can:

  • Create new items
  • Select Open in browse to access sharing, comments, and other workspace-wide features
  • Rename your items
  • Favorite or delete items 
  • Select the Solution Panel icon again to collapse the solution panel
  • Right-click items to take additional actions on them

Things to know

  • If you leave the panel open, it opens the next time you visit that workspace. Each item can have its own state, with the panel open or closed, depending on the state the panel is in when you close the item.
  • Hover over the right edge of the panel and drag to make it narrower or wider.
  • If an item is not in a workspace, the panel does not appear.
  • You may need to save and refresh the page to see any changes you make. 
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