Use nondestructive transfer to change ownership of sheets, reports, or dashboards

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

You must have access to Admin Center to use nondestructive transfer

Nondestructive ownership transfer (NDOT) allows you to transfer a workspace item to a user who isn’t an Admin in that workspace. When you use NDOT, you can: 

  • Move items to a new owner without changing the hierarchy of those items (folders and workspaces), and
  • Ensure your dashboard widgets keep working, even when there’s an ownership change of the underlying sheets or reports.

When you transfer items, the new owner immediately becomes the Admin on those items.

Here are some use cases for NDOT: 

  • Someone in your team has a new job and isn’t managing the same projects anymore. 
  • Someone has left your organization entirely, and you need to transfer ownership of their Smartsheet objects. 

With nondestructive transfer, you can move items to a new owner while keeping the hierarchy of those items (folders and workspaces) in place. Nondestructive transfer also ensures that your dashboard widgets keep working, even when there’s an ownership change of the underlying sheets or reports. 

Things to know about nondestructive transfer

  • When ownership of items inside a workspace is transferred from source owner to target user, and if the target user is already shared at the Admin or Owner level to the Workspace, the target user becomes the owner of the items being transferred. And the items remain in that workspace.
  • You can only transfer ownership of all items from a user. It's not possible to transfer only selected items. 
  • Dashboards can break when transferred because ownership transfer doesn’t transfer the widgets that are part of the dashboard.

To do a nondestructive transfer of Smartsheet items 

  1. Go to Admin Center (
  2. Under Licensed Users, select Manage Licensed Users.
  3. On the User Management screen, select the user who owns the item you want to transfer. 
  4. Select Transfer Owned Items.
  5. Enter the user email address of the new owner.
  6. Select Transfer.