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Resource Management


Who can use this capability

You must be an Admin on Resource Management (RM) and a Sys Admin on Smartsheet to configure Smartsheet Authentication for RM. 


Use Smartsheet authentication for Resource Management


  • Resource Management


You must be an Admin on Resource Management (RM) and a Sys Admin on Smartsheet to configure Smartsheet Authentication for RM. 


Smartsheet Authentication allows users to sign in to Resource Management (RM) with their Smartsheet credentials. For more information, see FAQ: Smartsheet authentication for Resource Management.

Before you begin

  1. To use Smartsheet authentication, you must first set up the Resource Management integration connection. See How to Authorize Smartsheet and Resource Management accounts.
  2. Ensure all users that you add to your Resource Management account are also licensed or unlicensed free members of your Smartsheet organization. See How to add users to your Smartsheet organization
  3. Confirm the following: 
    • You are a sysadmin on Smartsheet and have logged into your RM account via email and password. 
    • You have checked Keep Email + Password for SysAdmins in Smartsheet Admin Center. Not sure? Go to  Account Administration > Security Controls > Authentication. Check Keep Email + Password for Sys Admins (fallback option). 
    • Designate another RM admin with a RM username and password login. This role logs directly into RM using RM username/password exclusively and does not use Smartsheet authentication. The account is a backup in case there are authentication errors in Smartsheet.

To enable Smartsheet authentication:

  1. Sign in to your Resource Management account at
  2. In the upper-right corner, select Settings > Account Settings.
  3. Select the Authentication tab.
  4. Select Smartsheet Authentication.
  5. Select Save to confirm your selection.

User Auto Provisioning (UAP) for Resource Management

When you activate UAP for RM, users are automatically added to your organization and granted a license. You do not need to send invitations. All users default to Portfolio Reporter permissions. 

When to use UAP for RM

Auto-provisioning works best when you want all users to have the same permission level and all users to be licensed. 

If you have managed resources, want to assign different permission levels to each user, or want to restrict the number of licenses you issue, do not use UAP. Invite your users via email instead. 

To activate UAP for RM

  1. Log into Resource Management.
  2. Select Account Settings>Authentication.
  3. Check the Autoprovision checkbox. 
    Optional: Select a default role from the dropdown.
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