Transfer Ownership of a WorkApp

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To change ownership of a WorkApp, you’ll need to reach out to Smartsheet Support.

Before you make the request

To expedite the transfer WorkApp ownership process, please ensure that the desired new owner has Owner or Admin permissions to all of the Smartsheet items (sheets, reports, and dashboards) included as pages in the WorkApp.

For more information about how to change permissions for Smartsheet items, see: Share Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards

Request ownership transfer

Here are guidelines for how to contact Support and what information they’ll need to expedite your request:

  1. Visit the Smartsheet Support contact page and click Get Help with Smartsheet. 
  2. Under Which category best describes your reason for contacting us?, select Help with a Premium add-on or WorkApp.
  3. In the Which app or add-on do you need help with? box, select WorkApp.
  4. When prompted about whether you need to transfer ownership of a WorkApp, select Yes.
  5. To ensure timely processing of your request, please include the following information in the Message box of the request:
    • Email address of current owner (must be the email address used to log in to Smartsheet)
    • Email address of desired new owner (must be the email address used to log in to Smartsheet)

      The new owner must be a licensed Smartsheet user of an Enterprise or Premier plan.
    • The URLs of the WorkApps that you would like to have transferred. (Or, if you want all WorkApps owned by the current owner transferred to the new owner, you can indicate that.)
  6. Fill out the request of the required fields in the form and click Send Email.

You’ll receive an email response with your case number. A Support specialist will respond to your request and will help complete the ownership transfer.