Share a WorkApp and Ensure Access for All Collaborators

Applies to

Smartsheet Advance Package (Requires Enterprise Plan)


Who can use this capability

Only the app builder can share a WorkApp. 

It's easy to add people to your WorkApp in the builder. Click the Add people icon in the upper-right corner of the WorkAppp builder.

WorkApp roles

Control what people can see and do in the app with roles.

What users see depends on their user user type,

  • Licensed users WorkApps can be shared to licensed users of any Smartsheet plan, internal or external to the app builder’s organization.

  • Unlicensed users or free collaborators An app builder can share an app with any unlicensed user or free collaborator if your organization has purchased Smartsheet Advance or a WorkApps collaborator pack. (For information about how to purchase a WorkApps Collaborator pack, please contact Smartsheet Sales.)

Respond to a WorkApp access request

When someone requests access to your app, you'll be notified by email. Click Add people to role to permit access to the requester. 

You can only add people to WorkApps on desktop, the process is not enabled in mobile.