Have Conversations in the Context of Your Work

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The sheet Owner, Admins, and Editors can create or reply to a comment. Individuals can edit or delete any comment that they create. The sheet Owner and Admins can delete any comment or comment thread.

Anyone with access to the sheet will be able to view or print comments.

With conversations you can track work and have discussions about that work in one place. Conversations can apply to an entire sheet or to a specific row or card in a sheet. You’ll work with comments in the Conversations panel. (You can also use comments in a workspace.)

To direct a comment to a specific person, type @<email address> (for example, @sally.smart@smartsheet.com) in the comment to tag that person. (More on @mentions.)

Interact with comments in a sheet

For sheets, rows, and cards you’ll see all the available comments in the Conversations panel. To review conversations, click the Conversations icon in the right panel.

Comments are displayed in a conversation in chronological order based on the date they were created: the most recent comment will appear at the bottom of the Conversations panel.

Here are some tips for working with the displayed comments:

  • Click All or Sheet at the top of the pane to view different collections of comments. Click Sheet to display only comments that apply to the entire sheet.
  • To move to the row on which a row-level comment was made, click the row number next to the name of the person who wrote the comment.
  • Each comment includes a relative timestamp (2 minutes ago), based on when you view it. To view the exact time the comment was posted (April 6, 2021, 3:17 PM), hover over the relative timestamp.

Create a new comment for a row (Grid View) or a card (Card View)

To create a comment for a specific row, click Add a comment in the Comment column of the row.

Add a Comment

To create a comment for a specific card (Card View), right-click the card and click Comments.

Note: To add a line break to a comment, type Shift + Enter (Shift + Return on a Mac).

Create a new comment that applies to the entire sheet

Use sheet comments to have general conversations about the sheet that are not specific to a particular row.

   1. Click the Conversations icon in the right panel to open the Conversations panel.
   2. At the bottom of the panel, type in the Add a comment box.
   3. Click Post comment (or press Enter or Return).

Reply to an existing comment

Click Reply, type your reply, and click Click Post comment (or press Enter or Return).

When someone replies to your comment, you will get automatically notified. Each time a new user participates in that thread, they will also get notified when a reply is added.

When a user is mentioned in a comment, they are automatically subscribed to the thread. They will get notified of replies to the conversation, even if they haven't had a chance to participate yet. Additionally, you can choose to follow threads by selecting Follow from the menu.

Edit, email, print, or delete a comment or thread

Click the More Options icon More Options icon to the right of the comment to see the additional actions you can take with it. 

More Options for Comments

Select the desired command to edit, email, print, or delete a comment or comment thread (note that to edit or delete comments you'll need appropriate permissions).

Use file attachments to give context to comments

To provide more context to a comment, you can include an attachment with it. To do this, click the Attachments icon at the bottom of the Add a comment box.

To remove an attachment from a comment:

  1. From the comment that includes the attachment, click the menu to the right of the comment and select Edit comment.
  2.  Hover the mouse over the attachment and click Delete to delete the file.
  3. Click Save to save the change.

Tag someone in a comment with the @ sign

Type @<email address> to tag someone in a comment. They'll receive a notification that includes a link to the comment so they can quickly find it and respond.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you use @mention:

  • The recipient tagged in the comment will have two options - Reply in Smartsheet or reply directly in email.
  • If the recipient has Viewer permissions, they will not have the option to add a comment. They will receive an invitation to view the sheet instead. 
  • If you @mention someone who isn't shared to the sheet—and you are the Owner, an Admin, or shared with Editor - Can Share permissions, you'll be prompted to share the sheet with them so that they can have access to the comment when selecting "Reply in Smartsheet". (More information on Sharing Permission Levels.)
  • ​How a person receives the notification will depend on their own notification settings. For information about notification settings, see Configure How You Receive Notifications from Smartsheet.

For more information, see Tag Someone With the @ Sign.

Use comments in a workspace

If you’re keeping sheets in a workspace, you may want to include comments relevant to all sheets in that workspace. To create a comment in a workspace, navigate to the workspace and click the Comments icon in the upper-right portion of the workspace.

Workspace comments appear in a separate window (there is no Conversations panel in a workspace). Here you’ll see comments about the workspace only.

To view comments for a specific sheet in the workspace, you’ll need to first open the sheet.

Use comments from a mobile device

For information on comments in the mobile apps, please see: