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Smartsheet Advance Package

Manage Processes at Scale with Dynamic View


  • Smartsheet Advance Package

Boost collaboration even when you cannot share the underlying sheets or reports with the Dynamic View premium app. Share only what is needed to the right people at the right time for viewing or editing. For example, share only certain row information with the appropriate vendor such that they can view and edit only the data that applies to them.

Dynamic View App Essentials

How to Access

You can access the Dynamic View app from here: 

Use the Launcher in the lower-left corner of Smartsheet to quickly access Dynamic View after your first log in. 

For information on browser compatibility, see System Requirements and Guidelines for Using Smartsheet.

Who Will Interact with the App

People will interact with the Dynamic View app in different ways depending on their role: 

  • Administrators who configure the views (including any conditional logic)—they must be shared to the source sheets and reports
  • Others who view and edit source data based on permissions set in the Dynamic View app—these people don’t need to be shared to the source sheets or reports

Dynamic Views Require Sheets or Reports

Before you can create and configure a view in the Dynamic View app, you’ll need to create the source sheets that will store the data in the Smartsheet app. 

Depending on what your process needs are, you can create a single sheet or create reports (which pull data in from one or more sheets) to work with and create views from.

More information on creating sheets and reports in Smartsheet can be found here:

Create a Form for Intake

To ensure that ticket or project intake is submitted through a standardized channel that can feed directly into your dynamic views, create a Smartsheet form. Details on creating forms can be found in the Collect Information with a Form help article.

Dynamic View: Deep Dive

After configuring your process in Smartsheet with the information above, you’re ready to create views in Dynamic View. The following articles offer detail into working with views, the conditional logic for views, and how colleagues will interact with views:

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