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Dynamic View app: interact with a view


  • Smartsheet Advance Package

The Dynamic View app works in conjunction with the Smartsheet application to present streamlined information to you when you need it and without cluttering your work with unrelated data to your work. You can interact with relevant data without having to enter the Smartsheet app.

This article focuses on interacting with a view in the application. If you’re looking for information on creating a view, see Create and Edit View Settings.

Dynamic View is a premium offering available for purchase to Smartsheet customers using a business plan or higher. For more information about how to purchase Dynamic View, please contact Smartsheet Sales.

Before you begin

You’ll be able to gain access to the Dynamic View app after someone has shared a view to you or if an administrator on your plan has given you access to the application.

NOTE: You also need a Smartsheet account to access the Dynamic View app. You’ll be guided through steps to set up a free Smartsheet account when you first access the Dynamic View app (with the link below) and click the Log In with Smartsheet Account button.

How to access

After purchase, you can access the Dynamic View app from here:

For information on browser compatibility for this premium app, see System Requirements and Guidelines for Using Smartsheet.

Navigating to a view:

Clicking on the Home icon reveals a panel menu with:

  • All Views - this is a list of all the views you have been shared to or own
  • My Views - this is a list of views that you are the owner of
  • Shared with me - this is a list of views that have been shared directly to you
  • Shared with Group - this is a list of views that have been shared to you via a Smartsheet Group or Domain. 

Dynamic View at a glance

In the Dynamic View app, you’ll be presented with a view that has been customized (by an administrator) specifically for your involvement in a process.

  • With a view open, click a specific row to show the Details Panel, where you’ll make any edits to specific data in form fields. You may not have edit access to certain fields, and you may be required to make changes to a field before saving. What you can do in various fields depends on what an administrator has allowed from their end.
  • You may see a different number of fields in the Details Panel compared to columns in the view—the appearance of what is available in the view and the Details Panel is controlled by an administrator.

Your view is customized for you

Each view is customized to make sure that you have access to all of the relevant information to work with.

columns in view

TIP: Click the Filter icon in the upper-left corner of the view to see only rows with a specific value. (This functionality must be configured by an administrator on the view.)

Important! Save your changes

After making changes to values in the Details Panel, you must click the Save button (bottom-right) or your changes will be lost.

Once the save has been completed, data will start to sync in the background. A spinner icon is displayed on the left end of the row that is being saved, and a message appears at the top that says Syncing... When finished, the message changes to Sync Complete and will disappear. If the row no longer meets the filter conditions after the sync completes, the row will disappear. 

New information may appear conditionally

It’s possible that new rows of information will only appear once a condition is met on an existing row. If you’re using Dynamic View as a ticketing system, for example, a new case may appear only after you’ve marked the previous one as Closed in the Details Panel. That way, you can focus on the most immediate case.

Can’t do something in a view? Contact your administrator

Your views are configured by an administrator in the Dynamic View app. If you’re not seeing something or you can’t edit something that you believe you should be able to edit, reach out to your administrator! (This is typically the person who shared the view to you.)

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