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Who can use this capability

You must be a System Admin to use Plan Insights.

Admin Center: Plan Insights

The plan insights usage dashboard helps you evaluate how your team uses Smartsheet in their daily processes. 


  • Business
  • Enterprise


You must be a System Admin to use Plan Insights.

The plan usage report offers key metrics and trends on plan information, the licenses and connected users, user growth, asset creation, and any advance capability evaluations. 

  • To access the dashboard, log into Admin Center, and then select Plan Insights from the left menu. 
  • To share the report, select Download as PDF from the top of the screen.

    The plan usage report updates once per day. Currently, the plan usage report is only available for the last 91 days. You can’t adjust the time frame.


The dashboard displays the following metrics:

  • Plan information: Displays plan type and renewal date with a link to detailed plan and billing information.
  • Expanded user reporting: Displays the threshold for licensed users and provides details on connected users. Select Buy more to purchase new licenses directly from the dashboard.
  • Assets and workspaces: Total numbers for each asset and assets created during the reporting period (91 days).
  • Advance capability evaluations: If your plan has advance capability evaluations in progress, then metrics are visible; if there are no evaluations, these metrics don’t appear.

Connected users

Connected users represent the total number of users associated with your Smartsheet usage. This number is relevant when you purchase, true-up, and renew your account.  

Connected users are:

  • Licensed users: Users with paid licenses who can create, own, and manage tasks or projects on a plan.
  • Internal collaborators: Internal users who have interacted with a plan's assets in the past 365 days while authenticated using the company's domain or subdomain associated with the plan. Does not include licensed users.
  • Previously licensed users: Users who had licenses revoked or deactivated in the past 365 days and no longer interact with a plan’s sheets, reports, or other assets. Does not include licensed users or internal collaborators.

User category definitions chart showing definitions of connected users.

Gain insight into your users and licensing

Select Create User Report to generate a sheet with more insight into the users that make up your connected user count. This sheet contains information on who is a connected user, their activity, the department they belong to, and the number of assets they have used.

Use the information from plan insights to understand your internal Smartsheet use and growth. Work with your account manager or customer success manager to forecast and budget for your future needs accordingly. 

Want to see who is an unlicensed user on a trial plan or free plan? Go to User Management More Actions User List to have a report sent to your inbox.

Metrics and definitions


Plan type

Type of the high-level plan


Renewal date

Contract renewal date


Licenses Used by the plan

Number of licenses assigned to users associated with the plan. Excludes free licenses.


License threshold

Total number of licenses purchased by the plan


Connected users

Total number of connected users at the plan level


Connected users threshold

Total number of connected users purchased by the plan



Total number of active groups present during the reported duration


Total assets (total of all types of assets)

Total of all active assets for the reported time period. Includes sheets, reports, and dashboards. (Excludes workspaces).


Total number of sheets, reports, dashboards, forms, workspaces.

Total number of the active assets by sheet, report, dashboard, and workspaces


Created assets

Total number of assets created during the reported period by sheet, report, dashboard, and workspaces. Excludes deleted assets.

Last 91 days

Asset views

Total number of data consumption events (includes loads, downloads, exports, and prints)

All views regardless of current asset status by sheet, report, dashboard, and workspaces.

Last 91 days

Edits - assets

Total number of the times edits were made to any asset in the plan (Activity Log based)

Actions include:
















By sheet, report, dashboard, and workspaces.

Last 91 days

Advanced Capability Plan Insights

Plan insights show data and usage metrics for Data Shuttle and Dynamic View. The usage reports update once per day.

You must have a Data Shuttle or Dynamic View subscription or an evaluation of one of those capabilities. If you are in an evaluation, your report timeline is scoped for the evaluation duration. Learn more about advance capability evaluations.

Data Shuttle

You can see insights data that include the total number of workflows created, rows updated, executions, active users, errors, archived assets, and more. The data displayed calculates at the plan level from the previous 90 days. 

Workflows createdTotal number of workflows created in the plan
Rows affectedTotal number of rows impacted by all the Data Shuttle workflows in the plan
ExecutionsTotal number of workflows executed (ran) during the reporting period aggregated at the plan level
ErrorsTotal number of workflows that have errors 
Active workflowsTotal number of workflows created and not deleted/archived 
Active usersTotal number of users with at least one executed Data Shuttle workflow 
Brandfolder Image
plan insights data

Dynamic View

You can see insights data that include the total number of views created, rows updated, executions, active users, errors, archived assets, and more. The data displayed calculates at the plan level from the previous 90 days. 

Views CreatedTotal number of Dynamic Views created during the reporting period
Rows updatedTotal number of rows updated in all Dynamic Views
Shared collaboratorsTotal number of collaborators who are shared to Dynamic Views
Views Shared Total number of Dynamic views that are shared to collaborators in the plan
Active ViewsTotal count of Dynamic Views that are not deleted
Active UsersCount of all unique users who have accessed/viewed a specific Dynamic View or created a Dynamic View
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plan insights data

Why do I see different numbers of Licensed users on the Admin Center home page and the Plan Insights page?

The Plan Insights page doesn't show changes right away. Data is updated once a day. 

The licensed user count in Plan Insights doesn’t include pending users – those who haven’t accepted their licenses. The number on the Admin Center home page includes pending users.

Pending users are not included in the Connected User Report Licensed User column.


Why are users with no last activity counted as connected users?

Connected users is the total number of licensed users, internal collaborators, and previously-licensed users. If a user is a licensed user or a previously-licensed user, the user will still be counted as a connected user even if there is no activity.


Why does a user have a login record on the Access Report in 2022 but the Connected User Report shows the user’s last activity is in 2021?

Last activity counts any user interaction including view, click, submit a form (while logged in), comment, respond to an update request, and more. 

Logging in without interacting does not count as user activity.


In the Connected Users Report, what is the difference between Items Edited and Items Viewed?

When the user edits a sheet, report or dashboard, it counts as an item edited. If a user opens an item but does not change anything, it counts as and item viewed.

Items edited does not include items viewed.

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