What to Do When You Receive an Invitation to Join a Smartsheet Account

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When a Smartsheet System Admin invites you to join a Business or Enterprise plan, you'll you receive an email invitation to join the account. (You may also receive a prompt directly in the Smartsheet application.) Follow the steps in this article to join the account.


Step 1: Click Accept in the Message

You must click the Accept button to be added to the account. If you choose not to accept the invitation, your account and access to Smartsheet will remain unchanged.

The email invitation looks similar to this:

When you click Continue in the email, you'll be directed to a confirmation page where you can accept or decline the invitation to join.

Step 2: What Happens When You Click Accept

When you accept the invitation, you'll be able to access Smartsheet with the user type assigned to you by the System Admin who sent it. For example, if you were granted Licensed User access, you'll be able to create and own sheets in Smartsheet.

To learn more about the various Smartsheet access levels, see the Help article on User Types.

More About What You'll Be Able to Do in the Account That You've Joined

Your account will be governed by the new System Admin. Sheets that you create will inherit any global account settings configured by the System Admin, which can impact your ability to publish from Smartsheet or enable resource management (to name a few examples). For more information about what a System Admin can configure in Global Account Settings, see the Help Article on Global Account Settings.

The System Admin for the account you've joined will be also able to:

  • Transfer ownership of your sheets to other users. (Review the User Agreement for more detailed information.)
  • See your Smartsheet login history. (More on this in the login history article.)
  • Manage the billing information on file and cancel the account at any time. Details on this process here
  • (Enterprise only) Configure the security controls that you use to log in to Smartsheet, control who you can share and send information to, and control who you can add to a group (based on the email address). That is, as part of joining the new account, you'll automatically inherit whatever security controls the System Admin has set up. For details on this functionality, see the Security Controls article.

Additional Details for Paid Users

If you are invited to join an account and you already have a paid Smartsheet subscription, clicking Accept will mean that your account will be acquired by and merged into the account of the System Admin who sent the invitation.

NOTE: An invitation can't be sent to Enterprise System Admins - contact sales@smartsheet.com for assistance with merging Enterprise plans.

The invitation you receive looks similar to this:

When you accept the invitation, you will retain access to all sheets that you own and you'll no longer be billed for your previous account–future payments will be handled by the account that sent the invitation.

If you are a System Admin on a Business plan (or a legacy plan such as Team), here is how you and users on your account will be affected:

  • All active users on your account will be moved into the account owned by the System Admin who sent the invitation.

    IMPORTANT: The inviting account must have enough available user licenses to cover all licensed users who will be acquired.
  • In order for you to retain your own Licensed User, Resource Viewer, Group Admin and System Admin access, the person who sent the invitation must provide you with the same access.
  • All other Licensed Users, Resource Viewers, and Group Managers on the acquired account will retain their existing access levels.
  • System Admins on the acquired account will lose System Admin access (this will need to be re-granted by a System Admin on the account that you’re joining).
  • Groups and resource views set up on the acquired account will be retained.
  • Any global settings on the acquired account will be overwritten. More on Global Settings in our Help Center.