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Who can use this capability

You must be a System Admin to consolidate accounts.

The account you are acquiring cannot be an Enterprise plan. 

Consolidate Smartsheet accounts

If you're on a Pro or Business plan, you can merge two (or more) plans into one. You can do this by inviting the Account Owner from an Individual, Free, Team, Pro, or Business plan to join your account. If you are on an Enterprise plan, you can also merge an Individual, Free, Team, Pro, or Business plan into your account.

However, if you want to merge or consolidate two (or more) Enterprise plans, please contact Smartsheet Support.


  • Pro
  • Business


You must be a System Admin to consolidate accounts.

The account you are acquiring cannot be an Enterprise plan. 

In this process, the source plan is the plan you will merge into your existing plan. The target plan will become the overall consolidated plan.

Before you merge plans

Do not cancel the account you want to consolidate into yours at any time. If you've already canceled the account before starting this process, you must add licenses to the target plan and invite each person to your plan using the steps here.

  • You must be a System Admin to merge plans. 
  • The source plan must be a paid, active plan. Don't cancel the source plan until after you complete the merge process. 
  • The source plan cannot be an Enterprise plan. 
  • Ensure you have enough licenses available on your target plan before merging plans. License types won't change after the merge, but you need sufficient numbers to cover the source plan users. For more information about how to add licenses, please see Review or Change Account, Plan, or Billing Info.
  • Inventory the target capabilities against the source plan and make sure they match. You may lose critical functions if you don't have parity in capabilities. Some capabilities require Smartsheet support assistance in merging; see the list below. You can not transfer capabilities across plans. To add capabilities, contact Sales. 
  • Confirm the System Admin for the target plan has archived and/or downloaded any reports or payment information. This information will not be available after the merge. 

Capabilities and plans requiring additional support

If the source plan has any of the below add-ons, you will need assistance migrating existing workflows. Please contact your Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, or Support for assistance. 

  • Connector-based workflows:
    • Jira Connector
    • Salesforce Connector
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector
    • ServiceNow Connector
  • Dynamic View
  • Control Center
  • Resource Management by Smartsheet, using the Resource Management Panel for Smartsheet integration and/or Sign in with Smartsheet for RM authentication option.
  • Bridge by Smartsheet
  • WorkApps
  • Data Table
  • Data Egress
  • Data Classification
  • CMEK
  • Event Reporting

Send a consolidation request to another plan holder

  1. Log into Admin Center for the target plan. 
  2. Go to User Management.
  3. Select  Add User and then; enter the details, including the email address, for the source plan's System Admin. Learn more about adding users
  4. Select Invite.
  5. Review the popup message, and when you are ready, select Continue to send an invite to the source plan's System Admin. 

Accept a consolidation request

  1. Make sure you back up any critical data and download any payment information.
  2.  Check your email for an account invitation, and then select Join Now.
    You can not undo a consolidation request.

If the target plan has enough licenses, the consolidation is complete when the source System Admin accepts the invitation. 

If the target plan needs more licenses, the System Admin will receive a prompt notifying them they need to acquire more licenses. The consolidation can only be completed once the target plan has enough licenses to accommodate the source plan's users. 

After consolidation

  • All active users – licensed and unlicensed – will appear in the target plan's user base. 
  • Legacy Resource Management views won't automatically reflect the combined user base. Open the associated sheets and save them; the views will update accordingly. 
  • Users from the source plan may see a welcome screen the first time they log into the consolidated plan. 
  • Admin permissions do not transfer from the source to the target plan; the target plan System Admin will have to grant new permissions after the consolidation. 
  • Declined or pending user invitations on the source plan will be deleted.
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