Troubleshoot PrintUI uploads

If you are having trouble uploading a template, here are some general troubleshooting steps to resolve simple errors and help identify la

Brandfolder custom templates step 1: configure projects

Brandfolder custom templating uses WYSIWYG template creation so that people can easily build templates that other users can customize.

CI HUB | advanced Adobe integration

Bi-directional synchronization allows users to edit and upload assets in their favorite creative tools without downloading and re-uploadi

Brandfolder custom templates step 2: lock configurations

Template locking is a way for Admins or Collaborators who are creating a project to define which elements of the project cannot be change

Upload templates through PrintUI

Learn to upload templates to Brandfolder using the extension PrintUI.

Brandfolder custom templates step 3: save a project and generate a template

Once you have finished building out the elements of your template and have locked them you will need to save your project and generate a

The Brandfolder template editor

The Editor is Brandfolder’s primary templating solution, allowing for text and image replacement for templating done through Print UI.

Brandfolder custom templates end user experience

Brandfolder templating allows end-users to customize templates to fit their needs.