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Соединители для Salesforce и Service Cloud — это предложения премиального уровня. Дополнительные сведения об их возможностях и преимуществах см. на странице, посвящённой более эффективной работе с Salesforce благодаря Smartsheet.

За сведениями о расценках обращайтесь в наш отдел продаж.

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В этой статье приведены сведения о последних версиях соединителей Smartsheet с Salesforce и Service Cloud. Информацию об устаревшей интеграции Smartsheet Links с Salesforce см. в этом руководстве по настройке.

Is there an additional cost for the Salesforce Connector?

Yes, the Smartsheet Salesforce Connector is a paid premium offering. Learn more about the features and benefits here.

Is this connector part of the Smartsheet core application?

No. Although the connector isn’t a part of the core application, it’s operated according to the same policies, procedures, and security practices as the rest of Smartsheet, subject to the same security protocols, uptime, and service levels.

Is the Salesforce Connector available for Smartsheet Gov or Smartsheet Regions EU?

The Smartsheet Salesforce Connector is available in the Commercial Smartsheet US instance. 

While the Smartsheet Salesforce Connector is available for use in the EU-hosted version of Smartsheet, it’s not currently supported within Smartsheet Gov. 

To import Salesforce data into the Smartsheet Gov instance; you may consider exploring Data Shuttle

Check out our comparison articles to learn more about the differences between Commercial Smartsheet and Smartsheet Gov or Smartsheet Regions.

How do I install the Salesforce Connector?

If you have purchased the Smartsheet Salesforce Connector, follow the steps in Connection Setup to initialize the connection between Smartsheet and your Salesforce environment.

Do I need a Salesforce license to use this connector?

A Salesforce license is required to create the connection between the Smartsheet and Salesforce instance and any workflows between elements in Smartsheet and Salesforce. However, you won’t need a Salesforce license to utilize the Salesforce data once it has been ported into Smartsheet via the connector.

Which versions of Salesforce are compatible with this connector?

The connector is compatible with all versions of Salesforce that support API access, including:

  • Performance
  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Developer
  • Professional

Can the connector support more than one Salesforce organization?

Yes, you can have a connection created to one Salesforce organization and one sandbox environment. 


Can I link multiple Salesforce Connector workflows to one sheet?

No, each sheet can only support one connector workflow. If you need to bring together disparate Salesforce objects (e.g., Opportunities and Campaigns), it’s recommended that you bring them into separate sheets in Smartsheet. From there, you could combine those data sets using a report or formulas (like INDEX MATCH) based on a unique identifier (such as Owner ID or Account ID).

Which fields and objects can I use to synchronize data from?

All standard and custom objects in Salesforce within the Sales and Service modules can be used. Once you select an object while setting up a workflow with one of the connectors, you’ll see any standard and custom fields on that object and all fields from related objects, as long as the related object has a maximum of one record. (Fields on related objects are read-only.) Most fields can be synced in both directions, provided the workflow owner has the appropriate permissions in Salesforce.

Third-party fields are unsupported, and the connector doesn’t support attaching syncing.

Do all fields need to be bi-directionally synced?

No! When creating the workflow, you can decide which fields are synced, bi-directional or one-way syncs, and in what direction the data is syncing (e.g., from Salesforce to Smartsheet only or vice-versa).

Can I create records in Salesforce from within Smartsheet using the Salesforce Connector?

Yes! If the workflow is configured to sync data to Salesforce, Salesforce records can be created from within Smartsheet.

When building your workflow, ensure the Sync new rows created in Smartsheet to Salesforce have been selected. Once the workflow with required fields has been created, enter the information into a new row (or with a form) in Smartsheet and save the sheet. The next time your Salesforce Connector workflow syncs, you’ll see newly created records in Salesforce. In the sheet, you'll see the new Record ID with a hyperlink to that record in Salesforce.

How do I see what Salesforce Connector workflows have been created?

You can always see any workflows you have created. If you’re a Smartsheet Salesforce Admin, you can see every workflow created by users in your organization, regardless of who created them. For steps to view and manage workflows, check out Create workflows with the Smartsheet Salesforce Connector.

How often will this connector sync data between Smartsheet and Salesforce?

The Smartsheet Salesforce Connector syncs information between systems with API calls to both applications. A baseline number of API calls will be used, regardless of any updates made between systems. The connector polls Salesforce at a configurable interval, at a default rate of every 30 seconds, at least once for each mapped object type—regardless of the number of workflows.

To change the rate of polling, follow the steps in Polling frequency.


When I need help, what are my support resources?

How is data access controlled with Salesforce roles and profiles?

Before creating a workflow, you must log in to the Salesforce Connector with your credentials. This ensures that the security permission imposed on your account in Salesforce (via profiles) will be enforced when you use the Smartsheet Salesforce Connector.

Can I limit what data types can be input into Smartsheet (to match my data types in Salesforce fields)?

Smartsheet can accept any data type in any cell, although cells can be configured for specific data types. If a data type is entered into a Smartsheet cell incompatible with the field it is mapped to in Salesforce, an error will appear in the row indicating a data type mismatch.

For more information on the different types of data Smartsheet can accept, check out our Column Types article.

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