Share Brandfolder assets


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Who can use this capability?

Owners and admins can configure settings for sharing assets.

Share assets


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Who can use this capability?

Owners and admins can configure settings for sharing assets.

Intuitive, reliable, and secure sharing is at the heart of the Brandfolder platform. Brandfolder offers a few options for sharing assets to ultimately create more effective collaboration between teams and partners, minimize asset sprawl, and maximize company resources.

Sharing individual assets

There are two ways you can share individual assets via a share link either internally or externally. 

Sharing from the asset modal

Open the asset modal for the asset you would like to share and select the Share option in the bottom right-hand corner.

The asset modal with an arrow pointing towards the share button in the bottom right hand corner.


Sharing from the Brandfolder or Collection

The second option to share an individual asset is available from the Brandfolder or Collection level. Hover over the asset and click on the ellipses in the upper right-hand corner, click the Share option from the dropdown menu.

Hovering over an asset, selecting the ellipses menu and choosing share.

Sharing assets in bulk

Within the asset modal select the assets you are interested in sharing using the checkboxes on the asset tiles.

Once you have assets selected you will see the blue Bulk Management Toolbar at the bottom of your page. From this toolbar select the Share option (it is always helpful to note the # of assets selected in the bottom left-hand corner).

Editing share link options

Once you have selected the asset(s) that you would like to share, a new share modal will appear with a few customizable options.

Share link modal with options to make link private, require email address to access, disable download functionality, expire link, notify me of updates to Share Link, and Gallery View

From this modal you can edit the following:

  • Make link private: Only users with a Brandfolder login or Simple Password (when enabled) will be able to see shared assets. This will hide the Require email address to access option. Toggling on the private option will also work for sharing assets internally (among Brandfolder users). 
  • Disable download functionality (view only mode): Users will only be able to view content within the share link, they cannot download or share assets. View-only Brandfolders or Collections allow Guests to request access to download the files.
  • Expire link: Set an expiration date for your share link. After the expiration date has passed the link will be inaccessible.
  • Notify me of updates to share link: Notifications will alert the share link Creator when someone has viewed the share link or downloaded assets from the share link. These notifications are sent to the creator through the Brandfolder notification center and via email. Notification center updates are real-time based on the share link activity. Email notifications will be sent out on an hourly basis.
  • Enable Gallery View: Gallery view creates a sleek and on-brand sharing experience.  Extra information like sections, asset name, and asset details will not display. Instead, all of your attachments will simply appear and if your share link allows downloads, you can hover over the asset and select the download button. If your share link is private you can’t enable gallery view. You also have the option to upload a logo which will appear at the top of a gallery view share link. 

Scrolling through gallery view of 8 assets. The assets are images of people at the beach or on vacation.  

There are a few additional sharing settings that Admins are able to adjust by going to settings > general settings > advanced tab

As an additional security control, Admins are able to restrict sharing to only Brandfolder users by enabling Restrict Sharing to Users of this Brandfolder

Admins can default their share links to be created as private by enabling Make share links private by default. Please note that the user sharing links can toggle the link back to public if they choose.

Admins are able to set a default amount of time for share links to expire by enabling Expire new share links in a default amount of time

Admins can also require a user to enter an email address to access the share link by enabling Require ID for public shares. The entered email address is for tracking users in Insights only and does not need to be associated with a Brandfolder account. 

Removing assets from share links

Users who have editing permissions for a given share link can remove assets from that share link after it is created. The following users have access to editing permissions on share links: users who have admin permissions on the resources that have been shared and guests or collaborators who have created the share link. 

  1. To remove assets from a share link first navigate to the share link URL.
  2. Once on the share link URL page, select the assets to remove.
  3. Once assets are selected a bar will appear along the bottom of the screen. The bar will include a Remove from Share Link button. Select the button. 

A few assets are selected, the bulk toolbar appears at the bottom and remove assets is selected.

4. A new modal will appear to verify the removal of the selected assets. Select remove assets.

5. In the top right-hand corner of the screen, you will see a notification like the one below letting you know that your assets have successfully been removed from the share link!

A notification stating successfully removed assets from your Share Link. Reloading...

 Adding assets to share links

The same users that have the ability to remove assets from a share link can also add assets after a share link has been created.

  1. Select the assets to add to the already created share link. Once assets are selected the bulk toolbar will appear.
  2. Select Add to Share Link in the bulk toolbar.
  3. A new modal will appear. In the share links search bar the following can be used to locate a previously created share link:
  • The share link URL (exact match)
  • The name of the share link (contains)
  • The creator of the share link (contains based on email

Admins can toggle on Only display Share Links I created to narrow down the search. 

4. The search results can be previewed on the right-hand side of the modal by selecting the desired share link in the list. If there is only one search result, that share link will automatically preview. 

5. Click the Add to Share Link button. Assets will be added to the share link and a pop-up indicating that assets have been added to the share link successfully will appear in the top right-hand corner.

A notification stating Assets added to Share Link successfully.

Share link information visible to editors

After a share link has been created an editor can view the share link and see two panels of information about the share link along the right-hand side. 

The first panel includes the following information:

  • The Brandfolder that the assets are being shared from.
  • The number of assets hidden (unpublished, expired, or unapproved assets).
  • The number of assets shown.
  • Access (public or private).
  • Creation date.
  • Expiration date.
  • Created by.
  • Notifications- this can be toggled on or off. If toggled on you will receive notifications for when users view the share link. 

The second panel is dedicated to share link activity. It will show who has viewed the share link by displaying their email address, the date they viewed, and time that they viewed. 

Managing share links in bulk

Admins have the capability to manage their share links from the bulk management area by navigating to Settings > Bulk Management > Share Links.

Within the share links page there are a few actions that admins can take.

  • They can view basic information about each share link like the name, who it was created by, number of assets, access settings, when it was created, when it will expire, and if it requires an email address to view.
  • Admins can also select Edit to make adjustments to the settings configured on their share link.
  • Admins can delete a single share link by selecting the trash can icon.
  • Share links can also be deleted in bulk by selecting the check boxes to the left of each link. To select only certain share links to delete utilize shift+click. Once the share links to be deleted are selected then click the Delete button.