Brandfolder account management


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Reset password


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Who can use this capability?

All users who do not login via SSO can reset their password.

1. Go to the Brandfolder URL where you have access and enter your email. Then select Continue.

2. Select the Forgot Password link above the Password field.

3. A new page will appear. Input your email address, then select Recover Password

3. Locate the email in your inbox, and select Reset Password

4. Type in your new password and select Reset Password. If the organization has password requirements configured, help text outlining requirements will appear below the new password input box. 

If you don't see the password reset email in your inbox you may want to check your spam folder to see if the reset email landed there. The email typically comes from

Brandfolder Image
the forgot password recovery link process

My Brandfolder profile


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Who can use this capability?

Owners, Administrators, Collaborators, and Guests can access the My Profile section in Brandfolder.

Navigate to My Profile

Once logged into Brandfolder, you can access My Profile by selecting Hi, [Your Name] in the upper-right corner and selecting My Profile from the dropdown.

This image shows the My Profile button under the profile dropwdown.

My Profile

My Profile provides an overview of your Brandfolder activities, including your favorite assets stored within a Board, Notification Center, and easy access to account settings and integrations.

This image shows the My Profile page.

When you log in to Brandfolder, you will notice that your profile populates with the Organizations, Brandfolder, and Collections you can access.

My Boards

Boards can be used to create a cultivated view of user-specific assets. To add an asset to a board, select the asset(s) and select + Add to > Boards in the bulk actions bar.

This image shows the Add to Boards functionality on the bulk action toolbar.

From there, you will have the option to add the asset(s) to a new Board or a pre-existing Board. 

Your assets will populate in the My Boards tab so you can access your top collateral, such as sales decks, popular ads, or commonly used logos.  

This image depicts the My Boards tab of the profile page.

You can also create a new Board without adding assets by selecting + Create Board.


You can’t share boards with other users.


Notification Center

Notification Center allows you to monitor real-time asset activity by viewing newly uploaded assets. 

This image shows the Notifications tab of the profile page.

You will receive a notification when someone uploads new assets to your Brandfolder. 


The Integrations tab of My Profile catalogs your Brandfolder integrations. You can also add and integrate new apps here using an API key. 

To see all the integrations Brandfolder supports, visit the Brandfolder Integrations page.     

This image shows the Integrations tab of the profile page.

Guest user settings


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Who can use this capability?

All users can edit their notification and user settings.

Access my profile

This image shows where users can find the drop down menu containing their profile.

From the Hi, [Your Name] > My Profile page you can easily access your user and notification settings to update your individual preferences.

User settings 

This image shows the user settings button on the left panel in a user's profile.

Update your email, password, and company info quickly and easily.


If the organization you belong to has password requirements, help text will appear to let you know what is required to be included in your password. 


This image shows the creating a new password requirements.

Notification settings 

This image shows the notification settings button on the left panel in the user's profile.

Select which Brandfolders or Collections you would like to get notifications from. If notifications are enabled for a Brandfolder or Collection you will receive in-app notifications, and you have the choice to receive them by email as well.