Control Center

Smartsheet Control Center enables users to deliver work at scale by driving consistency in work execution and reducing operation risk through automation.

Control Center Overview

With Smartsheet Control Center, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your program and all of the projects and processes that are part of it. These videos are designed to help orient program leads as they get started creating blueprints and establishing a project intake process.

Control Center is a premium offering available for purchase to Smartsheet customers using a business plan or higher. For more information about how to purchase Control Center, please contact Smartsheet sales.

Learn how to access the Smartsheet Control Center.

Access Smartsheet Control Center

Before you can get started using Smartsheet Control Center, you’ll need access to it. This article helps you do that by outlining the basic access requirements and by providing some best practices for managing how to grant access to others.Once people have the appropriate permissions, they'll be able to access control center from here:

Before You Begin

In order to use Smartsheet Control Center (SCC), you must have an active, licensed Smartsheet account and you must be granted access to a Control Center Program. If you are missing the required credentials when you attempt to log in, you’ll receive a message letting you know that. For example, you may receive a “you must have a license...” or a “failed to log in...” message:

  • If you need a license, please log in to Smartsheet and click Upgrade to request one.
  • If you need access to a Control Center program, contact a Control Center Program Lead at your organization. The lead can provide access to Control Center by contacting Smartsheet Support on your behalf (for more information about how the lead grants access, see Give Someone Access to a Control Center Program later in this article).

Control Center is a premium offering available for purchase to Smartsheet customers using a Business plan or higher. For more information about how to purchase Control Center, please contact Smartsheet Sales.

Log in to Smartsheet Control Center

  1. Access Control Center using the following URL:
  2. Click Log in with Smartsheet.
  3. If are not currently logged into Smartsheet, you will be asked to provide your Smartsheet email and password.
  4. Click Allow to give Control Center permission to access your Smartsheet account.

Depending on your level of access, you’ll see different options once you’ve logged in. For example, if you’re one of the leads for the program, you will see a Manage Program link that allows you to access all existing projects, the Control Center Blueprint, and the Global Updates features.

NOTE: Once a project is created from Control Center, any Smartsheet collaborator can use that project as long as they’ve been given the required sharing permissions. For more information about Smartsheet permissions, please review the Sharing Infographic or see the article on Sharing Permission Levels.


Give Someone Access to a Control Center Program

If a person tries to log in to Control Center and receives the “You do not have access to any Control Center Programs...” message, that person needs to be granted access to your program.

There are two ways to allow access to Smartsheet Control Center: access can be given to individuals or access can be given to a Smartsheet group. Creating a Smartsheet group will make user management easier. Note that only Program Leads can initiate Control Center access for individual users or groups.

To grant access to a program:

  1. In Smartsheet Control Center, select Manage Program. 
  2. Next to the name of your program (upper-right corner of the screen), click the Information icon.
  3. On the right panel, click Edit.
  4. Type the email addresses of the people that you’d like to add in the appropriate fields. (See the section below for details on the maximum number of people allowed for each user type.)

Control Center User Type Restrictions

Certain limitations apply to each user type in Control Center:

  • You must contact our Support team to make someone else the Primary Lead. (Click the Contact Support link at the bottom of this page to reach out to us.)
  • Up to five Program Leads are allowed—you must individually add the email addresses of the Program Leads.
  • Control Center allows up to ten slots for Project Creators. A slot can be filled with an individual email address, a Smartsheet Group (everyone in the group would become a Project Creator), or an entire company domain (everyone in the domain would become a Project Creator) 

Facilitate User Management with a Smartsheet Group

To streamline user management for Control Center, it’s a good best practice to leverage Smartsheet Contact Groups. When access to your Control Center Program is controlled using a Smartsheet group, one of the Program Leads can simply add and remove users to the group to grant access.

For more information about using Smartsheet Groups to manage groups of users, see Manage and Use Smartsheet Contact Groups.

TIP: To make sure everyone who uses Control Center knows what the access groups are, a Program Lead can use the Program Information window in Control Center to document which Smartsheet groups have access to the program. To view program information, click the “i” next to the program name.

Control Center Info Icon


Use this table to orient yourself with Smartsheet Control Center.

Smartsheet Control Center: Get Oriented

As you start working with programs and projects in Smartsheet Control Center, you may need a help finding your way around. Use the following table to help orient yourself and get up to speed with where things are located and what they’re called.


To do thisFollow these steps
Switch between programs

Click the menu and select the program you want to switch to.
SCC Menu


Identify which program you are in and get information about it.The program name is listed at the top of the window, just below the words Control Center. To get more information about a program, click the “i”.
Control Center Info Icon
Create a new projectSwitch to the program to which you want to add the new project. Click the New button in the upper-right corner of Control Center and then follow the steps in the wizard.

New button to create a new project
Log out of Control CenterTo log out of Control Center, click the Account icon in the upper-right corner of the window and click Sign out.

Control Center Terms


Control Center is organized into programs. A program represents a collection of projects that are managed together. For example, the IT department may have one program while Facilities may have another program. The two departments have different different goals, different leadership, different standardized processes, and different users (although there can be some overlap)—therefore, each needs its own program.

Users are given access to one or more programs and can easily switch between them. Each program has these distinct properties:

  • One group of leads that can administer everything in the program
  • A custom title, description, logo and colors
  • A set of blueprints specific to that program for creating projects
  • Users that have access to the program: these users can create projects using any of the blueprints

NOTE: When you’re in one program in Control Center, you won’t have visibility or access to other programs. To see the properties of a different program, you’ll need to switch to it first.

Learn more about the Primary Lead Role in Control Center.

Smartsheet Control Center: Understand the Primary Lead Role

Each Control Center Program can have only one primary lead. The primary lead owns the following assets which are key to the function of Control Center—these assets can have only one owner:

  • Intake sheet (there may be one for each blueprint)
  • Blueprint source folders (usually within a workspace)
  • Summary sheets (there may be one for each blueprint)

IMPORTANT: If you change the primary lead so that someone else becomes the primary lead, that person will need to be given ownership of the above assets.

When a program lead creates the blueprint for a project, that person will have the option to choose whether the Smartsheet objects (sheets, workspaces, dashboards, reports) with new projects created from that blueprint will be owned by the primary lead or the project creator.

To see who the primary lead is for any given program, click the program information icon for that program.
Control Center Info Icon