Validar los dominios de la empresa para utilizarlos con el widget

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¿Quiénes pueden usar esta capacidad?

Debe ser administrador del sistema de Smartsheet para definir la lista de dominios internos compatibles para utilizar con un widget de contenido web.

El administrador del sistema puede habilitar o deshabilitar el uso de widgets de contenido web.

System administrators on Enterprise accounts can allow specific company domains as supported sources for the web content widget. An example of a company domain would be an internal Tableau server that is accessed through a vanity URL (ex:,, etc.). System administrators can define the list of support domains, and enable or disable the feature, on the Domain Settings page.

Enable the Use of Web Content Widgets

  1. In Smartsheet, click your Profile Icon (upper-right corner).
  2. Click Account Administration > Account Settings > Feature Enablement.
  3. Under Web Content Widget, check the box for Enabled, including domains that have been verified in Security Controls.

Add Domains

  1. Navigate to Account Administration > Security Controls.
  2. Click Edit on the Domains (for User Auto Provisioning, Web Content Widget) setting.
  3. Click Add Domain
  4. Type the company domain to be validated.

Once validated, people on your Enterprise account will be able to embed content from this domain, if the domain offers an iFrame. For more on domain validation, see this article.

With this setting enabled, people in your Enterprise account can attempt to embed content from domains that have been validated—not all domains are guaranteed to work even after validated. Domains must also conform to the following standards:

  • Must be a secure (https) domain
  • The domain must be embed optimized (can’t use