Sync Your Smartsheet and Google Calendars

You can publish your Smartsheet calendar to your Google Calendar, or overlay your Google Calendar onto the calendar view of your sheet.

NOTE: This feature is available in the Calendar View of your sheets, but not the Calendar View of any report.

Syncing Smartsheet calendar to Google Calendar:

You can publish up to 600 rows of tasks (per sheet) to your Google Calendar.

  1. From the Calendar View of the sheet, click the Google Calendar icon  to publish your dates to your Google Calendar. The Publish to a Google Calendar form appears.

    TIP: If you have more than 600 tasks, use the publish to iCal feature as an alternative.
  2. Enter a name for the Google Calendar.
  3. Select the ON option, and then click OK. All tasks from Smartsheet will appear in a new calendar in Google Calendar. Adding new tasks, or changing existing tasks, in Smartsheet will automatically sync to your Google Calendar.

NOTE: If you drag and drop a Smartsheet event in Google, the change will not sync to Smartsheet. However, if you click on a Smartsheet event in Google Calendar you can then use the edit link in the event description to make changes directly in Smartsheet.

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Overlay Google Calendar to Smartsheet Calendar View:

You can display up to 600 items from one of your Google calendars onto the Calendar View of any sheet using overlay.

  1. From Calendar View, click the Google Calendar icon . The Overlay a Google Calendar form appears.
  2. Select the ON option, and then click OK. Changes made in Google Calendar are reflected in your Smartsheet Calendar. Google Calendar items are read-only and can't be edited in Smartsheet.

    • If you're already logged in to your Google account in your current browser session, you will be asked to grant Smartsheet permission to use your Google credentials. If you're not logged in to Google already, you must provide your Google account information.
    • Your Google Calendar overlay is only visible to you—other collaborators on the sheet won't see your Google Calendar Overlay.

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