Changing the Sheet Owner

If you need to transfer ownership of sheets between users, you can do so on a sheet-by-sheet basis or as a bulk transfer (only available to Team/Enterprise SysAdmins). Sheets and reports can only be transferred to a licensed Smartsheet user.

NOTE: If you're on a single-user paid subscription plan and also need to transfer your user license to another account, you can use our instructions to Transfer your Paid Subscription.  

Transfer on a Sheet-by-Sheet Basis

Only licensed users (and not users on a free trial) can take over ownership of a sheet. 

NOTE: You can use these same instructions to transfer ownership of a report.

  1. Share the sheet, offering Editor or Admin access, to the intended new sheet owner. If the sheet is located in a workspace, the intended new owner will need to be offered Admin access.
  2. After the sheet has been shared, have the intended new sheet owner log in and click their Home tab at the top of Smartsheet (underneath Account in the upper, left corner).
  3. The intended new sheet owner should look in the left sidebar and click on the name of the folder or workspace where the sheet is located. The sheets it contains will be displayed in the middle of the screen.
  4. The intended new sheet owner can right-click on the name of a sheet and select Make me the Owner.

    Home tab: Make Me the Owner
  5. An email is sent to the existing owner with a link to approve the change of ownership request.

    NOTE: If the existing sheet owner’s trial has expired, or if the existing sheet owner has canceled their paid subscription, no approval email is sent and the transfer of ownership happens automatically.

What happens next?

Once the existing owner clicks on the Approve link in the email, the requestor will be made the new sheet owner and the previous owner will become an Admin on the sheet. All other shared collaborators (if any) will remain shared and will retain their sharing permission level. A confirmation email is sent to the requestor stating that the request was approved or declined. The sheet now counts against the sheet limit in the new owner’s account.

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Bulk Transfer Sheets (Team/Enterprise Only)

SysAdmins of Team and Enterprise accounts can bulk transfer sheets between licensed users.

  1. Click Account in the upper-left corner of the screen and select Account Admin to display the Account Administration form.
  2. Click the User Management tab.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow next to the user whose sheets you want to transfer and select Transfer Owned Sheets to Other User.

    This will display the Account Administration form.

    User Management: Transfer Owned Sheets

    TIP: Before transferring, you can see which sheets a user can access by selecting Download User Sheet Access Report.
  4. Select the user to whom the sheets will be transferred and then click OK.

Transferred sheets will appear in the Sheets section of the new owner Home tab in a folder named Transferred from [email address of previous owner].

After transferring sheets, the original sheet owner assumes Admin sharing status on the sheets while the user to whom sheets are transferred assumes Owner status. All other shared collaborators (if any) will remain shared and retain their sharing permission level.

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