Attach files stored on your computer to a sheet

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The sheet Owner, Admins, and Editors can add, version, or delete attachments. Anyone with access to the sheet can view and download attachments. Attachments can be sent in an email to anyone with a valid email address.

System Admins for Enterprise accounts can disable any file attachment options. For more information, see Manage Global Account Settings.

You can attach almost any file from your computer to a sheet, row, or comment.

Read on to learn how to do this.

Duplicate file names

In the desktop app, when you upload a file with the same name which is already saved to the row or sheet, you’ll be prompted to select one of these options:

  • Attach as a new version of the original file
  • Attach as a separate file with a duplicate name

Alternatively, consider changing the name before you upload.

On the mobile app, identically named files will be uploaded directly without the option to save as a new version. 

Attach files with the mobile app

If you’re looking for information about using your mobile device to attach multiple files and edit images in Smartsheet, check out the mobile help articles below:

Attach files to a sheet or row

How you attach files depends on where you'd like them to be connected. You can attach files on the sheet level, or attach files directly to a specific row or comment.

To attach files at the sheet level

  1. Select the Attachments icon. 
  2. Select the Sheet tab. 
  3. Drag any files to the Attachments pane, or select the Attach Files to Sheet button. 

An image of the Attachments pane

Behaviors of row-level attachments

  • Rows that already contain attachments will display the Attachments icon to the left of the row number.
  • You can only attach files to one row at a time.
  • You can't associate any already attached file with a different row or area of the sheet.

To attach files to a specific row

  1. Hover your pointer over the row where you’d like to attach the file.
  2. Select Attach a file to this row.
  3. In the Attachments pane, select Attach Files to Row.

If you’re uploading a locally saved file, you can drag the file to the row where you want to attach it.

    Attach files as you comment

    1. Go to the Conversations pane. 
    2. In the lower-right area of the comment box, select Attachments Attachments icon
    3. Choose from where you’ll upload the file. 
    4. Type your comment, and select Save.

    Supported file types, file sizes, and other requirements

    The vast majority of file types are supported for uploading, including (but not limited to):

    File type Examples of extensions
    Most image formats .jpg, .png, .gif
    Portable Document Format .pdf
    Microsoft Office Suite .docx, .pptx, .xlsx

    Supported browsers and upload quantities

    • You can upload 100 files at a time. While there isn't a limit to the total number of attachments allowed on a row or sheet, you’re bound by the amount of storage space included in the sheet owner's subscription.
    • You have to upload files larger than 30 MB if your browser supports HTML 5. 
      Need more information about supported browser types and versions? Check out the System Requirements for Using Smartsheet article.

    File types that are not supported

    For security reasons, there are restrictions on the file types you can upload or download. For example, you can’t upload an executable (.exe) file type.

    Maximum file sizes

    File size maximums are based on your plan, user type, and the method used to upload a file.

    User or upload type Maximum file size
    Licensed user 250 MB (30 MB for Pro plan)
    Free user 30 MB
    Trial user 250 MB
    Anyone uploading files from a Smartsheet form 30 MB
    Smartsheet Mobile app (iOS and Android) 30 MB

    Unlicensed, Free, and Pro plan users can upload up to 250MB files on sheets owned by users on Business and Enterprise plans.

    Looking for information on file imports to Smartsheet? Check out the System Requirements and Guidelines for Using Smartsheet article.