System Requirements and Guidelines for Using Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a 100% Software as a Service (SaaS) online application compatible with browsers running on PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You can also use Smartsheet on mobile devices.

Smartsheet Premium apps are not supported on Internet Explorer. Please see Premium Apps below for more information.

Internet and Browser Settings

An active, persistent internet connection is required to access Smartsheet.

JavaScript must be enabled to access Smartsheet from any browser.

Operating Systems and Browsers

Smartsheet supports the following platform and browser combinations:

  • Windows: Chrome (recommended for best performance), Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge
  • Mac: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • Linux: Firefox
  • ChromeOS: Chrome

Supported Browser Versions

While you can access Smartsheet from many browser versions, Smartsheet's performance and security are enhanced when you use the latest generally available browser version. Developer or pre-release browser versions may work but are not officially supported by Smartsheet.

If you attempt to log in using an unsupported browser, you will receive a "Your browser is not supported..." message or a message similar to the following: "This webpage is not available...the page may be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address." If you receive this message and you've confirmed that you are using a supported browser and version, please see the Troubleshooting Guide for additional information.

To regain access to Smartsheet, you’ll need to update to a more current browser version.

Sheet and Imported File Size Maximums

Sheet maximums:

  • Rows: 5,000
  • Columns: 200
  • Cells: 200,000

Imported files have the same restrictions and cannot exceed 10 MB.

Smartsheet Premium Apps

The following Smartsheet premium apps are not supported on Internet Explorer:

  • Control Center (including Accelerators)
  • Dynamic View
  • Pivot
  • DataMesh
  • Data Uploader
  • Connectors (Jira, Salesforce, MS Dynamics)

Please use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari when working with these applications.

Mobile Apps

For information about system requirements for the mobile apps for Smartsheet, see Smartsheet for Android or Smartsheet for iOS.

Smartsheet API

If you use the Smartsheet API, there are rate limits in place to prevent  abuse and undue stress on Smartsheet servers. For details on the API rate limitations, please see our API documentation

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