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Create a hyperlink to a sheet, report, or website

Creating, editing, and removing hyperlinks in Smartsheet


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Create a hyperlink in a cell to give people working on a sheet a quick navigation point to a relevant website or to another related Smartsheet item.

Creating a hyperlink is different from cell linking (which enables you to reference cells in another sheet). For more information about cell linking, see Cell Links: Consolidate or Maintain Consistency of Data.

Create a Hyperlink in a Cell

  1. Right-click on the cell where you want to insert a hyperlink and select Hyperlink.

    The Hyperlink window appears.

    You can also select the cell and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + K (Command + K on a Mac) to open the Hyperlink window.

  2. Select the Link to URL or the Link to other Smartsheet option.

    • Link to URL: If you select this option, type the web address of the website to which you are linking (e.g., Smartsheet automatically adds “http://”.

      The URL is limited to 900 characters. Links to internal servers (Microsoft SharePoint servers, for example) are not supported.

    • Link to Other Smartsheet: If you select this option, click <select sheet>. The Open a Sheet form appears. Select the sheet to which you want to link, and click OK.

      Sheet links will not appear in a published sheet. Public access to a sheet can only be offered by linking to a the published URL for the sheet.

  3. Enter or edit the text in the Display Text field.

    This field is required if you selected the Link to other Smartsheet option. If you selected the Link to URL option and do not enter anything in this field, it displays the URL.

  4. Click OK.

The cell text is a live link to the website or other sheet. URLs that you enter directly into a cell will also appear as clickable live links. 

Edit the Hyperlink URL and Display Text

If you need to modify the display text or the link itself:

  1. Right-click the cell and select Hyperlink.
  2. Make your desired changes to the link and click OK.

Remove a Hyperlink

You can delete a Hyperlink and any display text, leaving the cell blank, or only remove the link and preserve the display text.

Delete the Hyperlink and any Display Text

To completely delete BOTH the link and associated display text (leaving the cell blank):

  1. Select the cell containing the hyperlink.
  2. Press the delete (or backspace) key on your keyboard.

Remove a Hyperlink and Preserve any Display Text

If you want to remove the hyperlink, but want the display text to remain in the cell:

  1. Select the cell containing the hyperlink.
  2. Press Ctrl + C (command + C on Mac) keys on your keyboard.
  3. Right-click on the cell containing the hyperlink and select Paste Special. The Paste Special form appears.
  4. Choose Values.
  5. Click OK.
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