An Overview of Smartsheet Gov

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Smartsheet Gov

Smartsheet Gov is a version of the secure and reliable Smartsheet platform that is purpose-built for the US Federal Government to help agencies bring innovation, collaboration, and transparency to government initiatives.

How to access

As long as you’re on a Smartsheet Gov plan, you can access it here: 

New to Smartsheet?

See our getting started learning track. (Note that some of the capabilities discussed in the learning track and in the learning center may not be available for Smartsheet Gov accounts.)

Sheet and Imported File Size Maximums

A sheet cannot exceed a total of 500,000 cells—that is, when multiplied together, the number of rows and columns in your sheet cannot exceed this number.

NOTE: Imported files have the same restrictions and cannot exceed 50 MB.

The following table includes more information about maximum values.

Sheet Component Maximum
Rows 20,000
Columns 400
Cells 500,000
Inbound Cell Links 20,000
Unique cells referenced in cross-sheet formulas 100,000

Sheet maximums:

  • Rows: 20,000
  • Columns: 400
  • Cells: 500,000


  • To determine how close you are to the 500,000 cell limit, multiply the number of columns in your sheet by the number of rows. For example, a sheet with 20,000 rows can only have 25 or fewer columns, and a sheet with 400 columns can only have 1,250 or fewer rows.
  • If you are working with sheets with more than 5,000 rows, you’ll have the best results in the Chrome browser.

Smartsheet Gov Security

Smartsheet Gov is designed to meet the FedRAMP Moderate baseline—a standardized set of security requirements by the U.S. government for cloud services—and will have a Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) from the Joint Authorization Board (JAB).

Smartsheet Gov supports the Single Sign-On (SSO) sign in option. When you configure Smartsheet Gov, you must use a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) SSO solution to maintain compliance with FedRAMP requirements (for example, Google Authenticator).

Smartsheet Gov only supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2.

Smartsheet Gov Capabilities

Smartsheet Gov offers the same level of core functionality as Smartsheet. At this time, certain capabilities and integrations are not supported on Smartsheet Gov.

For a comprehensive list of differences between a Smartsheet Gov plan and a standard Smartsheet Enterprise plan, see Differences Between Smartsheet Gov and Commercial.

Use the table below for an overview of some key differences.

Capability Smartsheet Commercial Enterprise Smartsheet Gov
Smartsheet App (sheets, reports, dashboards, charts, formulas, resource management) Yes Yes
Automated Alerts and Actions (reminders, update and approval requests) Yes Yes
Smartsheet Mobile Yes No
Connectors (Jira, Salesforce, MS Dynamics) Yes No
Chat Integrations (Slack, Google Hangouts, MS Teams) Yes No
Other Integrations (Tableau, Google) Yes No
Smartsheet Premium Apps (Pivot, Data Mesh, Dynamic View) Yes No
Data Shuttle Yes Yes, Upload Only
Control Center Yes Yes
Smartsheet API Yes Yes


Smartsheet Gov updates follow those of the commercial version of Smartsheet. As a new capability is released in the commercial Smartsheet environment, it may become available in Smartsheet Gov at a later time.


Smartsheet Gov Sharing 

You can share Smartsheet items (sheets, reports, dashboards) to other people who have a Smartsheet Gov account.

By design, you cannot share Smartsheet items from a Smartsheet Gov account to anyone who has a standard commercial Smartsheet account. 

Depending on the security settings imposed by your organization’s Smartsheet Gov account, you may be able to share Smartsheet items to others who have Smartsheet Gov accounts.

Access to the Smartsheet Community

At this time, Smartsheet Gov customers can view the Smartsheet Community but cannot post or reply in the community. (Gov customers will be unable to use their Smartsheet credentials to sign in to the community site.)