Backing Up Your Data

Smartsheet operates 100% in the cloud - the sheets you create are stored on our servers. To back up your data and save it to your own computer, you can either request a backup (licensed users only) or export to various formats. If you’re on a Team or Enterprise account, you can also schedule recurring backups on your top-level Sheets directory or any workspace that you own or have Admin rights to.

Backups are ZIP folders containing an Excel (.xls) file of each sheet that was requested (templates and reports aren't included in the backup), as well as a folder for images added to the grid. Find out more about images in the grid in the Help Center.

Backups can also include attachments, which aren't included in exports. After you request the backup, you can view and/or download the backup directly from Smartsheet.

NOTE: If you have Hierarchy in the sheet (parent-child tasks), the rows will be grouped in the Excel export as well. Click the + icon to the left of the row numbers in Excel to expand any collapsed child rows. You may also need to re-apply word wrap and other formatting that was applied in Smartsheet. Check out our article in the Help Center for more information on the Hierarchy functionality.

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Request a backup

  1. As a licensed user on any paid or trial account, click on the Home tab at the top.
  2. Look in the left sidebar and click on the name of the folder or workspace where the sheet you want to backup is located. The sub-folders, sheets, reports and templates it contains will be displayed in the middle of the screen.

    NOTE: If the folder or workspace doesn't contain any sheets, the option to Request Backup will be unavailable.
  3. Right-click on the name of a sheet, folder, or workspace and select Request Backup.
    The Request Backup form will be displayed.

  4. Select whether you’d like to include attachments or receive an email upon completion.
  5. Click OK.

A ZIP file containing an Excel file of the selected information will be attached to the sheet, folder, or workspace within the next hour.

NOTE: You can back up each sheet and workspace as frequently as once every 24 hours.
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Schedule weekly recurring backups

Licensed users on Team/Enterprise plans can schedule weekly recurring backups on their Sheets directory and any workspace they own or have Admin access to. These backups provide content in a ZIP file format, with individual sheet data stored in Excel workbook format (Comments will be on sheet two of the workbook).

Once you've enabled them, weekly backups are generated automatically by Smartsheet each week between Saturday and Monday. 

  1. Make sure you're a licensed user on a Team or Enterprise plan. If scheduling a backup on a workspace, make sure you own or have Admin access to it.
  2. Click the Home tab at the top of the Smartsheet window.
  3. Look in the left sidebar and right-click on the Sheets directory or the name of a workspace that you own or have Admin rights for, and select Schedule Recurring Backup.

    The Schedule Recurring Backup form appears.

    NOTE: If the workspace doesn't contain any sheets, the Schedule Recurring Backupoption will be unavailable.
  4. Next to Enabled, select ON.
  5.  Select the check boxes if you want to include attachments and if you want to receive an email notification about the backup.

    ​NOTE: If you are backing up a workspace, the email will be sent to the workspace owner only.
  6. Click OK.

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View and download recent backup requests

After requesting a backup, use the instructions below to access it within Smartsheet:

  1. Click the Home tab at the top.

  2. Look in the left sidebar and right-click on the folder or workspace where a backup was created and select Request Backup or Schedule Recurring Backup.

    The Backup form appears.

  3. Click View Recent Backups.

  4. Select Download Backup or click the dropdown arrow next to the backup to begin the download.

    NOTE: Backups are available for download for four weeks following the process date.

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