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Understand Smartsheet Advance tiers and Connected Users


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Smartsheet Advance extends certain Smartsheet capabilities and features of the Smartsheet Platform to Connected Users (see below for definition). In order to meet your team’s varying collaboration needs, Smartsheet offers three specific tiers of Smartsheet Advance — Silver, Gold, and Platinum — all of which are purchased on a Connected User volume basis.


Smartsheet Advance tiers


Smartsheet Advance Silver includes the base capabilities of the Smartsheet Platform, plus:



Smartsheet Advance Gold includes everything provided under Silver, plus:

Smartsheet Advance Platinum includes everything provided under Silver and Gold, plus:

Connected Users 


Users of the Smartsheet Platform qualify as “Connected Users” based on their interaction with a customer’s Smartsheet assets. The following three types of users qualify as Connected Users:


  • Licensed Users - Current users with paid-assigned licenses that can create, own, and administrate tasks or projects on a plan.
  • Internal Collaborators - Users who have interacted with a plan's assets in the past 365 days while authenticated using a domain or subdomain that's associated with the customer's plan. Does not include Licensed Users.
  • Previously Licensed Users - Users who had a license or authentication revoked or deactivated in the past 365 days and no longer interact with a plan’s sheets, reports, or other assets. Does not include Licensed Users or Internal Collaborators.

Accordingly, the aggregation of these user types is the metric used to assess your use against your authorized number of Connected Users. Please note, a user must interact with your Smartsheet asset in order to be counted as an Internal Collaborator. If an individual is shared to an asset but does not open the asset, the individual will not be considered an Internal Collaborator and will not be included in your Connected User count.

Tracking usage

During each subscription term, you can provision up to the specific number of Connected Users set forth in an ordering or other transactional document called an “Order.” You can review and track Connected User volume in real time via the SysAdmin Console page within the Smartsheet service. 

Notwithstanding your authorized limit of Connected Users, Smartsheet does not prevent you from provisioning additional Connected Users beyond such limit. Excess usage is not prevented so that your team’s use of Smartsheet can readily evolve with your business needs and avoid untimely disruption. Accordingly, you are responsible for regularly monitoring your Connected User volume and implementing internal controls related to the provisioning Connected Users inline with your needs.

Additional capacity 

At any time during a subscription term, you can increase the authorized number of Connected Users for the remainder of the then-current term by entering into an additional Order. In such circumstances, you will be charged for the additional Connected User capacity on a pro rata basis through the end of that term at Smartsheet’s prevailing tier rate for the applicable number of Connected Users. 

If at any time you exceed your then-authorized amount of Connected Users (i.e., you provision excess Connected Users without entering into an additional Order), the excess number of Connected Users will be added to the authorized number of Connected Users and you will be billed and invoiced pursuant to the true-up process (see below) for additional Connected User capacity to account for the excess usage. Deprovisioned Connected Users count towards the total number of authorized Connected Users even after their applicable period of access to the Advance service ends.

True-up and renewals

Smartsheet may assess your use of the services against your authorized limits at any time. In conjunction with such assessment, Smartsheet may issue an invoice for any excess usage on a pro rata basis through the end of the then-current subscription term at Smartsheet’s prevailing tier rate to account for excess usage. In the event the subscription term has ended, and Smartsheet discovers there was excess usage during the subscription term, Smartsheet may issue an invoice in arrears for such excess usage on a pro rata basis at Smartsheet’s prevailing tier rate. 

Except as otherwise agreed by the parties in writing, (i) renewals of the Advance service will be at a number of Connected Users that accounts for all authorized and excess usage as of the subscription term end date and (ii) all invoices will be issued and all payments will be made in accordance with the agreement governing customers’ use of and access to the Smartsheet service.

Smartsheet’s refrain from or delay in invoicing customer for excess usage is not a waiver of any rights or remedies Smartsheet may have under the agreement governing customer’s use of and access to the Smartsheet service.

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