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Who can use this capability

You must be an unlicensed user to use the free trial.

FAQ: Some unlicensed users can buy a plan after their trial expires

Explore frequently asked questions about trial periods and plan purchases for unlicensed users in Smartsheet, including insights on user permissions, account impacts, and trial limitations.


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You must be an unlicensed user to use the free trial.

If your plan has not enabled UAP, EPM, SSO/SAML, or DI, unlicensed users on your account can start a free trial and buy their own plan.

If you use any of the previously listed user management systems, unlicensed users on your account can still start a trial, but they cannot purchase a plan with the email you use to manage their account.

Can I turn this off for my plan?

No. If you don't want users to buy a plan, upgrade from a Business plan to an Enterprise plan and enable User Auto Provisioning, EPM, Directory Integration, or SSO/SAML. If you are already on an Enterprise plan, ensure you have enabled one of these controls. 

Will this impact my custom upgrade screen?

No, your custom upgrade screen does not change. 

How can I tell which users are on a trial?

Download your User List Report and look for any unlicensed users who own sheets. Unlicenced users who are not on the trial can not own sheets. 

Does the unlicensed user require my approval to buy a plan?

If you are on a plan that does not have UAP, EPM, SSO/SAML, and/or Directory Integration enabled, then no, an unlicensed user does not require your approval. If you are on a plan with one of the there capabilities enabled, the user will not be able to purchase their own plan.  

Can unlicensed users leave the plan that I’ve purchased for our organization?

It depends. If an unlicensed user is part of a plan that does not have UAP, EPM, SSO/SAML, and/or Active Directory, then yes, they can leave your plan and become a licensed user on their own plan. If an unlicensed user is part of a plan that does have UAP, EPM, SSO/SAML, and/or Active Directory, then no, they will not be able to leave your plan. 

Will the trial honor the existing controls on my account?

Yes, any trial plans created by unlicensed users will honor any controls you have put in place. However, if the user can buy their own plan, those controls will not carry over to the new plan.

Can I take ownership of any sheets created by unlicensed users?

Yes. There are two ways you can own any Unlicensed User created sheets into your plan. You must be a system admin on Smartsheet to do this. You can grant the unlicensed user a license, converting the unlicensed user's trial into a license under your plan. Or, you can transfer ownership of the unlicensed user's sheets to a licensed user on your plan. Transfer ownership will work on sheets, even after the unlicensed user's trial has expired. 

Important: Sheets are permanently deleted after 90 days. After 90 days, you will no longer have the option to transfer those sheets. 

Can a user request a license again if a license request is denied? Are they ineligible for another trial?

The first time a user requests a license, they will also start a free 30-day trial of Smartsheet. So, if a user previously completed a 30-day trial and their license request was denied, the user can start a new free 30-day trial 90 days after the first trial expires. An unlicensed user will not be able to access the trial without first requesting a license. 

Does my connected user count change when an unlicensed user is converted to a free user at the end of their trial?

No.  The connected user count only counts unlicensed users as internal collaborators if they have interacted with a sheet associated with their plan in the last year. Any sheets created by the unlicensed user as part of a trial are not associated with the original plan, so they do not count toward the connected user count. Additionally, transitioning an unlicensed user into a free plan does not impact your connected user count.

Can unlicensed users on my account take actions typically reserved for licensed users?

No, the unlicensed user's capabilities will not change on any items in your plan. The user can only create assets on their trial plan and have expanded capabilities on only those assets.

I have some Advance capabilities (Control Center, Dynamic View, Calendar App, or DataTable) on my plan. Can unlicensed users trial these capabilities too? 

No. unlicensed users will not have access to any capabilities beyond the standard trial. The trial only gives users access to Smartsheet's core capabilities.

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