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SAML and SSO for Smartsheet - Overview (Enterprise only)

SAML and SSO Smartsheet configuration


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With Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and single sign-on (SSO), you can extend your organization’s security preferences to an Enterprise-level Smartsheet account. When you use SAML and SSO, the users managed by your Enterprise directory will be able to sign in to Smartsheet with their corporate credentials. 

Once you’ve configured SAML

Users in your company network will see the Your Company SSO button on the login page. They can select that button to authenticate their login with their company-provided SSO credentials.

Smartsheet supports SAML 2 for SSO, and the following SAML 2 compliant identity providers: 

    •    OneLogin
    •    ADFS
    •    Shibboleth
    •    PingIdentity
    •    Okta

SAML Setup and maintenance resources

For more information on configuring and maintaining SAML-based SSO with Smartsheet, see the resources below: 

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