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Schedule recurring weekly backups

You can schedule weekly recurring backups for all data in sheets in your sheets directory and for sheet data in workspaces where you're the admin or owner. 

Smartsheet generates weekly backups automatically between Saturday and Monday.


  • Business
  • Enterprise

Backup contents

Backups include sheet data, comments, and attachments.

Backups do not include reports, dashboards, formulas, workflows, cross-sheet references, formatting information, or custom configurations. Workspace backups include sheet data from the workspace, not the structure of the workspace. Backups keep your data secure; however, restoring your solution will require rebuilding each Smartsheet asset.

Any user on the plan can request a singular sheet or workspace backup. To request a recurring backups, you must be an Owner or Admin. 

Schedule a weekly backup:

  1. On the left Navigation Bar, click Browse.
  2. Right-click on the workspace and select Schedule Recurring Backup. There is no backup option if the workspace doesn't contain any sheets.
  3. Select the Enable recurring backups checkbox. Select the checkboxes if you want to include attachments and if you want to receive an email notification about the backup. 
  4. Click OK.

Download a backup

  1. On the left Navigation Bar, select Browse.  
  2. Right-click the sheets folder or workspace name in the left pane, then select Request Backup or Schedule Recurring Backup.
  3. Select View Recent Backups.
  4. Select Download Backup. Backups are available for download for four weeks following the backup date. After four weeks, the links to the backups will be unavailable.

Turn off recurring backups

  1. On the left Navigation Bar, select Browse.  
  2. Right-click on the name of a sheet, folder, or workspace and select Schedule Recurring Backup.
  3. Under Recurring Backup Settings, uncheck the checkboxes.
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