Admin Center: Review connected users on your plan

Applies to

Smartsheet Advance Package

With the Connected Users tile, you can see the number of unique authenticated users on your plan who have interacted with your Smartsheet assets over the last 365 days.

Use this number for insights into your Smartsheet account needs and work with your customer account manager to update your plan as needed. 

The Connected Users tile displays the total number of licensed users, internal collaborators, and previously licensed users The data reflected in that number includes:

  • Licensed users: Users with licenses assigned to them. 
  • Internal users who have interacted with a plan's assets in the past 365 days while authenticated using the company's domain or subdomain associated with your plan.
  • Previously licensed users: Users who were previously licensed in the past 365 days and no longer interact with your plan’s sheets, reports, or other assets

Because a user can be in two or more of these states during a 365-day timeframe, duplicate users are not included in the count of connected users.