Calculate Utilization by Project

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Resource Management

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To see utilization by project, filter the utilization report to only show utilization for a particular project or project type. This report will show you how much of their total availability went towards that project or project type.

If you want to see the number of hours your resources have incurred towards a project, run two reports (Time & Fees and Utilization), and use the report exports to customize your view of how each person's hours on a project impacts their utilization.

To see how many hours your resources have incurred towards their projects:

  1. Run a Time & Fees report. Group the report by Team Member then by Project.

  2. Go to Export > Export This Report to CSV.

  3. Pivot your Time & Fees report to a Utilization report and group only by Team Member. Make sure your time frame for both the Time & Fees report and the Utilization report are the same (i.e. This Month). Go to Export > Export This Report to CSV.

  4. Open both exports and copy all the data from one export into a new tab in the other spreadsheet. Close the file you copied data from, so only the file with data in two tabs remains.

  5. In the sheet with the Time & Fees report export, add two new column headers to the right, titled Available hours and Utilization per project.

  6. Perform a VLOOKUP formula (using the person's name as the value you want to look up in both sheets) in the Available hours column to populate their available hours data from the Utilization report export into your Time & Fees report export. You should now have the raw data to calculate utilization per project (total hours per project / available hours).

  7. In the Utilization per project column, divide the value in total (hours) column for each project, divided by the person's available hours. Convert this to a percentage. Your chart should match the image below, so you can calculate utilization per project per team member.

Utilization by project