Approve Time and Expenses

Article applies to 10,000ft by Smartsheet

Once you submit a time or expense sheet for approval, you can make changes to it and resubmit it as long as the sheet has not been approved. If you edit an existing entry that has been submitted for approval, that entry will be removed from the previously submitted sheet until you resubmit.

You can add new entries to your submitted time and expense sheet by tracking that time or expense on your Personal page and selecting the Re-Submit for Approval button. For Expenses, this will bring you to the Unsubmitted Expenses page where you will see only the entries that have not been submitted.

If you cannot make edits to a submitted time or expense sheet, it is likely that your sheet has already been approved. See the Approve & Lock section below for more information.


Approve Time & Expenses

Only account Administrators and Project Managers are able to approve time and expenses. If you have these permissions, in the Approvals tab on your Time & Expenses Page, you’ll see a link to View all. This is where you can access the time and expense approvals page for your organization. You can also create custom views of Approvals (by applying filters) and they will appear in this area.

 Approvals page


From the Approve Time & Expenses page, the Show Details button will allow you to select which entries you want to approve or not approve. If your company tracks time against categories, showing the details will allow you to view the notes and categories for each entry.

Once you are ready to approve a time or expense sheet, select Approve & Lock.


Filter & Save Approvals

You can filter the Approve Time & Expenses page to show Pending, Approved, or Unsubmitted time and expenses. You can also filter by additional fields to create custom groups of time & expense sheets to approve. This is useful if you are responsible for approving time for a certain discipline, or specific project. You can save these filters to your Personal page by selecting Save Filter and giving the report a name.

Show Details

You can approve specific time entries by selecting Show Details in the lower left corner of a person’s time card. Here you can choose the time entries you’d like to approve by toggling the check box next to each entry.


Approve & Lock

Once a time or expense sheet has been approved, the approved entries are locked from future editing. Additional entries can be added to the sheet and re-submitted for approval, but existing entries that have already been approved will be read only.

If someone on the team needs to edit an approved time or expense entry, they will need to ask an Administrator or Project Manager to unlock the approved time or expense entries. You can unlock the entire sheet or just individual entries by using the Make Selections button and selecting which entries to include when unlocking.

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