Stay informed with notifications and the Activity Feed

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Resource Management

Email notifications and the Activity Feed help you stay informed about what’s going on with your projects and people.

Notifications can help you:

  • Stay current on the status of your assignments or tasks
  • Know if a project you’re tracking has any changes, and
  • Get the rundown on what’s happened during the day.

The Activity Feed aggregates these important changes and displays them in a historical timeline on each project page and on your Personal page.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is a record of key project changes. It shows changes to people, projects, and assignments. Each change appears with a time and date stamp.

Assignments changes appear in the feed on Personal and Projects pages.

Project activity feed

Email notifications

Email notifications mail you about important changes to your assignments or projects you’re interested in. Notifications are smartly aggregated, meaning if you make multiple changes close together, they're all sent in one email to reduce inbox noise. You can also choose to receive a daily digest of the day’s activity.

Recent activity

Edit your personal notification settings

In the Settings page, you can choose how often you want to receive email notifications.

To change your notification preferences 

  1. Go to Settings > My Preferences.
  2. In the Notification Preferences section, select any of these options:
    • Off: No email notifications. You can still see changes in your Activity Feed.
    • Immediately: Notifications go out as soon as changes are made. When multiple changes occur in a short time period, they’ll be grouped and sent in one email.
    • Daily (default): You’ll receive an email each morning detailing changes made during the past 24 hours.

Project notifications

By default, notifications are enabled for all projects.

If you’re resourcing or planning a tentative project and don’t want to alarm or overload your team with notifications, Administrators and Project Managers can mute notifications on the Edit project information page.

Project notifications

Following a project

You can follow the projects you’re not assigned to and get updates in your personal Activity Feed. If you're set to do so, you'll also receive email notifications about project changes.

To follow a project 

  1. Go to the Projects page, and open a project.
  2. Select the Activity tab.
  3. In the Activity Feed, turn on the Follow toggle.

Edit account-wide notifications settings

Email notifications for people in your account are enabled by default. 

If you’re an Administrator, you can set preferences in the Notifications section of the Account Settings page. Only Administrators can change notification preferences for all active people

There are two account-wide notifications settings:

  • Enable Notifications: Notifications go to all people in your account. Each person can still set their own email notification preferences from their My Preferences page. If you disabled notifications disabled, enabling them will return each person's notification frequency preference back to its prior state.
  • Disable Notifications: Disables notifications for all people in your account and hides email notification preferences from the My Preferences page.