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System Admins can grant or decline a pending license request as long as a license is available.

Grant or Decline a License Request for Your Account


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System Admins can grant or decline a pending license request as long as a license is available.

Quickly administer licenses to multiple users from a single window in Smartsheet—granting your users the ability to create sheets, reports, and dashboards.

Grant or Decline a License Request

From Smartsheet:

  1. Click your profile icon in the lower-left corner of the Smartsheet window.
  2. Select Account Admin > License Request Management.
    left panel
    You’ll see the email address and request date of any pending licenses.

    NOTE: If you don’t see any email addresses here, you don’t currently have any pending license requests.
  3. Click the Grant License button to the right of each pending request for anyone who you want to give a license to in your account. (If you don’t want to give the requester a license, click Decline.) The requester will receive an email confirmation when the request is declined or accepted.

    grant or decline license buttons

If you don't have enough available licenses in your account, you'll be prompted to purchase more when you click the Grant License button. If you see this message when License Request Management shows that you have available licenses, check User Management for licensed users that have not accepted your invitation yet and are listed as pending.

That's it! You've successfully fulfilled pending license requests and given people in your account the ability to create and own sheets, reports, and dashboards. 

Additional Management Tasks

If you need to add people to your account or change their permissions, you'll do that in the User Management window. (More on User Management.)

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