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Create or delete a workspace


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To share multiple Smartsheet items at the same time, use a workspace.  For example, to share a collection of sheets, reports, and dashboards, place them in a workspace that is shared to people in a specific department at your organization.

The level of access people have to items in a workspace is controlled by their sharing permission levels. To learn more about sharing items in a workspace, please see Workspace Sharing and Manage Items in a Workspace.

  • To access workspaces, select Browse on the left sidebar and then select Workspaces.

Top right corner of the screen; workspaces icon and navigation are highlighted.

Create a new workspace

  1. On the left Navigation Bar, click Browse.
  2. In the top right corner, click Create and then select Workspace
  3. Enter a name for the workspace and then click OK.

The new workspace appears under the Workspaces section of the left panel. To access the workspace and its contents, click the name of the workspace in the left panel—the workspace name will appear at the top of the right panel.

Delete a workspace

Only the Owner may delete a workspace.

  • To delete a workspace, right-click the workspace name from your browse panel, and select Delete…

If you are an Admin on the workspace, you can delete all of the items within the workspace, take ownership of the workspace so that you can delete it, or remove everyone including yourself from sharing. See Share a Workspace and Transfer Ownership of a Workspace for more information.

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