Create and manage reports

Create and manage reports

Advanced reports

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Resource Management reports overview

Analytics & Reports collect data from budgets, people, and time.

Create reports

Create a time and fees report

Time and fees reports show project progress and compares your actual time and fees to scheduled time and fees.

Create an expense report

Expense reports show non-labor related project costs.

Create a utilization report

Utilization reports show billing efficiency for a person, department, or organization within a defined time frame.

Create a budget report

Budget reports show how much time or money has been incurred on a project and how much remains.

Navigate reports

Filter reports by approval status or approver

Use approval-based filters to view time entries based on their associated approver or approval status....

Pivot table report settings

You can export data from Resource Management and use it to create pivot table reports.

Export reports

Save, print, or export Resource Management reports

Save your reports and go back to them whenever you need to.

Share Resource Management reports

Share reports to keep your team informed about who's working on what and when.

Export data from reports

You can export data from the Reports page for use in invoicing, importing into other tools, or for custom reports using pivot tables in E