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Resource Management

Pivot Table Report Settings


  • Resource Management

You can export data from Resource Management and use it to create pivot table reports.

First, create your report, then export the data as a .csv file. 

Here are a few handy reports that will give you good information when you build a pivot table with the resulting data.

Client & Project Budget Overview

  • View: Budget: Amounts
  • Time Frame: Last and Next 90 Days
  • First Group By: Client
  • Then Group By: Project
  • Show: Project Type: Confirmed

Last Month’s Billable Utilization

  • View: Time & Fees: Hours & Amounts
  • Time Frame: Last Month
  • First Group By: Discipline
  • Then Group By: Team Member
  • Show: Project Type: Confirmed

First, calculate the total available hours. That's total working days for last month multiplied by the hours in each person's work day. The calculate the total billable hours. Utilization is the percentage of total hours spent on billable work.

Individual Project Budget Report

  • View: Time & Fees
  • Time Frame: Project Duration
  • First Group By: Phase
  • Then Group By: Team Member
  • Show: Project’s Name and Client
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