Charts in Dashboards


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Charts allow you to transform your data into real-time visuals of trends and metrics, so that you can make better decisions faster. You can add a chart to any dashboard using a chart widget, powered by live data from your sheets and reports. With multiple different chart types available, charts provide flexibility to display your data the way you want.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to create a chart.

Create a Chart for a Dashboard


  • Smartsheet
  • Pro
  • Business
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Live charts are stored as widgets on Smartsheet dashboards. (See our help article on dashboards for more information on this feature.)

To create a chart widget:

  1. On the right rail, click the + button. Or select Chart from the Add Widget dropdown in the Edit menu.  
  2. From the Add Widget box, select Chart.
  3. Before you can select your chart, you must first select your data. Click Add Data in the Data & Chart Type section.
  4. On the left side of the form, select the sheet or report that contains the table you want to chart. Then select the range of cells on the right side.
  5. Once you have your data selected, click OK.

If you need to change your data range later, edit the widget and click Edit Data to reselect the data range.

Once you’ve selected your data, select a chart type and formatting.

Select Your Chart Type

Now that you’ve chosen the data you want to chart, you can select a chart to visually represent your data. Smartsheet automatically suggests a chart type based on how the data in your range is formatted. You can select a different chart type on the right side of the Edit Chart Widget form.

Data you want to compareRecommended chart

How numbers have changed over time

line, smooth line, stepped line

Directly compare numbers against each other

column, bar, stacked column, stacked bar

Show how individual numbers relate to the whole of your data set

Pie, donut
  • If the data doesn’t look as expected, click Switch rows/columns.
  • Pie and donut charts do not display zero values

Available Chart and Column Types

Chart Types

Smartsheet offers the following chart types:

  • Line
  • Smooth line
  • Stepped line
  • Bar
  • Stacked bar
  • Column
  • Stacked column
  • Pie
  • Donut
  • Scatter

Column Types

The chart widget supports charting only for the following column types:

  • Text/Number:  Values must be numbers only
  • Dropdown List:  Numbers only, excluding text strings that look like numbers
  • Auto-Number/System-generated column:  Numbers with no Prefix or Suffix (no text)
  • Symbols:  Numbers only (symbols can't be charted)

Learn more about different column types in Smartsheet in Use the Best Column Type for Your Data.