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Who can use this capability?

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Work Insights helps you make better decisions about the work you’re doing in Smartsheet by uncovering and visualizing key trends, activities, and bottlenecks. Work Insights automatically aggregates your data for you and visualizes it so you can focus on what’s happening in your work instead of losing valuable time building complex reports.  Work Insights gives you the power of business intelligence right in your sheet. 

Use Work Insights to visualize your data


  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability?

  • Admin
  • Owner
  • Editor

You must be a paid user to access Work Insights.

Work Insights can help answer questions like these:

  • How many items are In progress
  • How many new tickets have been opened week over week? 
  • On average, how long does it take for tickets to go from Open to Resolved?

Use Work Insights to display different data sets

  • Column snapshots: View rows on a specified day, broken out by a set of column values. For example, how many work items does each team member have?
  • Total new rows added each day/week/month:  For example, how many new requests did you get this week? 
  • The number of rows across two column values: For example, how many high-priority issues did the sales department submit? 
  • Burndown chart: View how much work is completed in a project and how much work is remaining. Use this chart to predict your team’s likelihood of completing a project on time.

Use the links at the top of each Work Insight to change the column, value, or time displayed.

Access Work Insights

  • On the right feature bar, select Work Insights Work Insights icon .

Use filters 

There are two types of filters:

  • Contains and Does not contain
  • Is one of and Is not one of.

Filters can have multiple values. Apply a filter: 

  1. In the top right corner of each Work Insight block, select Filters Filters icon.
  2. Enter your criteria, and then select Apply

If you want to delete a filter you created, select Filters Filters icon> Delete Filter icon.   

Add a new Work Insight

  1. At the top right of the Work Insights pane, select Add Insight.
  2. Select Column Snapshot, Time Series, Cross Tabs, or Burndown Chart.
  3. Adjust the settings as needed to display the data you want to see.

Available chart types

Work Insights supports the following chart types for each insight type: 

  • Column Snapshot: bar, horizontal bar, pie, and donut.
  • Time Series: bar, line, smooth line, and area.

Reorder Work Insights

You can move blocks around in the Work Insights pane or in full-screen view.

  • Hover over the block until you see the grab-and-drag icon, then drag and drop the block where you want it. 

Work Insights FAQs

Can I add Work Insights to a dashboard?

Consider building a chart widget instead. 

I added a row, why didn’t the count change in Work Insights?

Smartsheet refreshes your Work Insights data every 24 hours. New or modified data appears in the next refresh cycle. The date and time of last refresh appear at the very top of the Work Insights pane.

Why can’t I add some sheet columns in Work Insights?

Work Insights supports only these column types:

  • Dropdown (Single Select)
  • Dropdown (Multi Select)
  • Symbols
  • Contact List