Use the Designer to Build a Workflow


  • Bridge by Smartsheet

The designer is where you create your workflows in Bridge. You can access it from the Home Dashboard by clicking the New Workflow button or by clicking one of your recently viewed workflows.

New Workflow

By combining elements in your workflow, you can gather data from various sources using integrations or API calls, manipulate the data with a wide range of Utilities, drive different outcomes using Junctions, and generate dynamic Rich Media responses.

You can find all the available Modules by expanding the sections from the Integrations and Utilities menu on the left hand side or by using the search field at the top. When you find the one you need, simply drag and drop it into the designer. 

To set up each element, click on it, and a panel will appear on the right hand side of the screen.

Click on Module

You can add in as many States or Modules into your workflow as required. 

Tips for working in the designer:

  • Workflow names cannot be changed after creation.
  • Add in Junctions to split your workflow into multiple possible outcomes when you need to make decisions. 
  • If your process is too big to manage in one workflow, or perhaps part of your workflow is replicated in multiple processes, you can break out a portion of it into Child Workflows
  • You can merge branches of workflows: 
    1. Select the state or module you want to merge from. 
    2. Hold down the ALT button (option on Mac).
    3. Select the state or modules below that you want to merge with.


Errors when saving a workflow trigger

If you receive an error message when saving a trigger, review the following items:

  • Make sure you spelled the column name exactly as you did in the sheet. 
  • If you typed in the sheet name instead of using the sheet ID, check that you spelled this exactly the same, as well. 
  • If you are not the sheet owner, check your sheet permissions to ensure you still have access.

Other functionality and navigation

The top bar of this page contains additional functionality available to you while working in the designer.

My First Workflow


To the left of the workflow name there is an arrow. This closes the designer and takes you back to the Workflows dashboard.

Arrow - My First Workflow


Any time you make a change to your workflow you need to save it. If you run your workflow after making a change without saving, the last saved version of the workflow will run.


Revert Changes

This allows you to revert all changes made since you last saved.

Revert Changes

Help Docs

Clicking the Help Docs icon takes you to the Bridge documentation in our Help Center.

Help Docs

Get Help

This takes you to Smartsheet's support form where you can contact our support team.

Get Help


Run Log

Clicking the arrows in the right hand rail of the designer opens a Run Log. As your workflow triggers, each run of the workflow is listed here along with the status and time since start.

Run Log
You can learn about the executed steps, any errors, and access the data contained within the workflow by clicking into individual runs.

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