Features for free users

Paying, licensed users can manage work (create, build, orchestrate, control, automate) and non-paid, free users can collaborate (view, edit where applicable, comment).  If a free user attempts to access a feature they don’t have access to, they’ll be prompted to upgrade. 

This list includes features free users cannot access. 


  • Create and manage shared filters
  • Create conditional formatting
  • Send rows
  • Lock rows and columns
  • Publish sheets
  • Edit project settings
  • Save sheets as template

Reports and dashboards

  • Create and edit reports in the report builder
  • Remove columns from a report
  • Publish reports and dashboards

Alerts, reminders, and requests

  • Create and manage manual reminders for other people
  • Create and manage manual update requests
  • Create and manage automated alerts and reminders

Home screen

  • Create workspaces
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