Smartsheet Integration with Google

All Gmail/Google users can install our Google Drive Add-ons from the Chrome Web Store. G Suite users can install a separate integration from the G Suite Marketplace that includes additional functionality.

Smartsheet and Google can interact in the following ways:

When initially setting up these integrations, you may be asked to grant Smartsheet permission to use your Google credentials. Smartsheet doesn’t receive or store your Google password but it does store an identifier to your Google email address. If you find that your Google email address and Smartsheet email address are out of sync, contact Smartsheet Support, providing your Google email address as well as the email address you see in the bottom left-hand corner when logged into Smartsheet. They can assist you in getting the logins synchronized.

TIP: You can also import data from or or export data to Google Sheets. For more information, see Import Files to Create New Sheets or Export a Sheet or Report.

Single Sign-on from Smartsheet

All Google users can click Use my Google Account on the Smartsheet login page to access Smartsheet automatically. This will log you into Smartsheet with the same e-mail address you're using in Google.

NOTE: When logging on via Smartsheet’s website and not using the link to Use my Google Account, you’ll need to use your Smartsheet password, as opposed to your Google password. If you don’t know your Smartsheet password, you can click Reset it on the login page to receive an email with a Smartsheet password reset link.

App Launcher menu option from G Suite

As a G Suite user, install our integration from the G Suite, to launch Smartsheet from the App Launcher menu in Google .

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Attachments from Google Drive

All Google users can attach Google documents from their Google Drive account to their sheets and rows in Smartsheet.

Smartsheet sharing does not override your Google Drive sharing. Only people who are shared the item in Google Drive will be able to open it from the attachment link in Smartsheet.

Smartsheet Creation from Google Drive

All Google users can create new sheets from within Google Drive by installing the Smartsheet app from the Chrome Webstore. This functionality is also bundled in the G Suite integration. The sheets you create will reside in Smartsheet but a link will be created in Google Drive allowing you to open the sheet directly from Google. The link created can be copied and moved to other Google Drive folders if needed.

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Smartsheet Merge Add-on for Google Docs

All Google users can install the Smartsheet Merge Add-on from the Chrome Web Store.

Smartsheet Merge enables you to strategically import Smartsheet data into your Google Document. For example, you can use the names in your "Client Name" column in Smartsheet to customize a form letter created in Google Docs for each of your clients. Review more detailed instructions on using this add-on here.

Smartsheet Sync Add-on for Google Forms

All Google users can install the Smartsheet Sync Add-on from the Chrome Web Store. Smartsheet Sync enables you to send responses from your Google form to a new sheet in Smartsheet. Review more detailed instructions on using this add-on here.

Google Contacts

All Google users can import their Gmail Contacts into Smartsheet to easily send and share information with them. 

NOTE: The contact import process only imports the name and email address into your Smartsheet Contacts. If you wish to create a sheet containing contact information you can export your Google contact information to a .CSV file and then use the Import functionality.

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Google Calendar Integration

All Google users can publish up to 600 rows of Smartsheet tasks (per sheet) to your Google Calendar. All Google users can also overlay their Google Calendar events onto a Smartsheet Calendar View allowing visibility into all events from both Smartsheet and Google.

You can also edit the Smartsheet rows that you've published to Google Calendar by clicking/tapping on the link in the event description.  This link will take you to the exact row for the event in the Smartsheet app (including the Smartsheet iOS or Android app for mobile users)."

Google Inbox Integration

Google Inbox now features rich formatting of Smartsheet notifications, consolidating the most important information and enabling users to quickly act on new information.


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