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​​​​​​​Request access to an item

If you don't have access to a specific item, these are the steps to request access to it.


  • Smartsheet

In some cases, you may attempt to open an item and see a message similar to the following: The item isn't currently available - it may have been deleted or your permission may have been removed from it.

Common reasons for this message include:

  • A sharing link was forwarded to you but your email address isn't shared to the item.
  • You're logged into Smartsheet with an email address that is different from the one the email was sent to.
  • The item owner or another collaborator has removed you from sharing.
  • The item has since been deleted.

If you'd like to access a sheet, report, dashboard, or workspace that isn't shared to your email address, select Request Access From Owner. This sends an email to the owner with a link they can click to select a sharing permission level. Once the item or workspace owner has completed this process, you can access the item.

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