Use alerts and requests in Microsoft Teams

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

You must be an admin on Microsoft Teams to approve the integration; anyone can install and use the Smartsheet for Teams app. 

Microsoft Teams alerts you when you receive requests or there are changes to items you’re working with. 

Alerts on single row updates appear differently than alerts on multiple row updates. 

Approval and update requests arrive as direct messages only. They can’t go to a channel, only to a person. If the person you’re requesting approval from has the Teams bot installed, they’ll get the request in Teams.

Single row updates

Single row alerts

Single row alerts and requests show: 

  • Type of change, for example, new row or updated row.
  • Primary column name, for example, Purchase Order ID. 
  • Data from up to four cells, starting from the leftmost cell on the row

Symbols and images in the grid will be displayed as text values (an image filename will be displayed instead of the image)

Click the sheet name to go to the row in Smartsheet.

Multiple row updates

multiple row alerts

Multiple row alerts and request notifications show: 

  • Notifications only: the kind of change (new rows, updated rows)
  • Number of rows affected 

Click on the sheet name to go to the sheet in Smartsheet.

Approval and update requests

approval and update requests

Approval Requests and Update Requests from Smartsheet give you a button to open a Smartsheet form to complete the request. 

Unsubscribe from specific alerts or requests

You can change what kind of alerts or direct messages you receive. 

In Smartsheet, click Profile > Personal Settings. 

  1. On the right of the Personal Settings window, select Notifications.
  2. Uncheck the boxes under Messaging Apps.

uncheck messaging apps

This unsubscribes you from alerts in all messaging apps. 

If you want to stop receiving alerts in Microsoft Teams, but want to receive alerts in a different messaging app, see Uninstall the Smartsheet Bot.