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Receive Alerts and Requests in Microsoft Teams


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Receive Smartsheet alerts (alerts, @mentions, update requests, approval requests and reminders) in Microsoft Teams direct messages by connecting Smartsheet with Microsoft Teams.

Smartsheet for Microsoft Teams is compatible with both the browser and desktop versions of the Microsoft Teams application.

Only public Teams channels can receive notification from Smartsheet. 

Add the Smartsheet bot with Teams

To receive Smartsheet alerts and requests as direct messages or in a Teams channel, you’ll need to add the Smartsheet bot with Teams. 

  1. Type Smartsheet in the search bar at the top of the Teams window. Select the Smartsheet app.

    NOTE: You may need your Microsoft 365 Admin to enable the bot. Learn more in Microsoft Teams Integration: Overview and Microsoft 365 Admin Setup, and in this Microsoft Help Article.

Install Microsoft Teams

  1. In the Smartsheet app window, set where you want to receive alerts and requests:   
    • Add for you: Toggle to Yes to enable personal alerts and requests.
    • Add to a team: Toggle to Yes and type the name of the team in the Search field.
  2. Click Install to complete the setup.
  3. On the left in Teams, go to the Chat tab to bring up the Smartsheet bot. 
  4. Select Allow Access in the bot greeting. The Smartsheet sign in and authorization pages appear.
    NOTE: If you don’t see the Allow Access button in the conversation, type anything (for example, "hi") to get started. 
  5. Sign in to your Smartsheet account and click Allow.

Once you see the Success! page, no further action is required. You can now act on update requests, approval requests and receive your sheet changes, reminders and @mentions notifications within Microsoft Teams. 

You can also send alerts to a Teams channel (after setting up an automated workflow on a sheet in Smartsheet with the steps here) or receive alerts and requests as direct messages. Notifications will appear in Teams and your email. Learn more about notification settings here

Type help in a direct message to the bot to learn more about how Smartsheet for Microsoft Teams works.


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