Send documents for signature using a mapping

Applies to

  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The Owner and Admins can create and edit DocuSign mappings on that sheet after they have logged in to their Docusign account. Editors can send documents for signature.

Send a document for signature using a mapping. If you aren’t already in the document builder, select up to 100 rows you’d like to create documents for and send for signature. With those rows selected, right click to open the Row Menu and select Generate Documents to open the builder.

To send a document using an existing mapping:

  1. Find and hover your cursor over the mapping you’d like to use in the Saved Mappings list. 
  2. Select Generate
  3. Choose Save as Draft to save the generated documents in your DocuSign Drafts folder for further review or modifications
    Choose Send with DocuSign to send the documents to the recipients in the columns you specified in the mapping wizard. 
  4. When the progress bar is full, all of your documents have been saved as drafts or sent for signature.

You can include non-signing recipients that have a static name and email to receive a Carbon Copy of DocuSign emails.

If you run into any errors, double-check that all of your recipient roles have valid names and email addresses assigned in your configuration and in the rows you’ve selected.

If you enabled tracking in your sheet during the mapping process, the tracking column will display the real-time status for any row containing a document generated with that mapping. Once a document has been signed by all parties, a copy of the signed document will be uploaded back to the row in the attachment column.