Create and Edit a DocuSign Mapping or Configuration

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Who can use this capability?

Permission requirements icon The Owner and Admins can create and edit DocuSign mappings on that sheet after they have logged in to their Docusign account. Editors can send documents for signature.

Plan availability iconEnterprise and Premier

Use the DocuSign integration in document builder to quickly generate and send documents for signature.

With this capability, you can map a DocuSign template to your sheet and then use the mapping to create and send customized documents to specific recipients for their signature.

To create a DocuSign mapping, you will need to open the document builder. 

  1. Right select on the row to open the Row Menu and select Generate Documents.
  2. In Document Builder, select Create to open the mapping creation wizard. 
  3. Once in the wizard, choose Send out documents to sign with DocuSign and select Next.
  4. If not already logged in to DocuSign, select Log in and authenticate with your DocuSign account, then select Next.
  5. Select a DocuSign template to use for the mapping. For more information about DocuSign templates, see
  6. Next, you’ll need to select the columns that contain the names and email addresses for each of the recipient roles on the template. You can use two text/number fields or a Contact column which already contains a name and email address for this step.
  7. Optionally, enable status tracking on your sheet and enter a name for the tracking column. Smartsheet will automatically add the column to your sheet. For more information, see Track the Status of DocuSign Signature Requests.
  8. Review your configuration to make sure everything is ready. Keep in mind that once you save your mapping, you can return to the wizard to edit the role assignments and enable tracking, but you will not be able to change your template selection or disable tracking.
  9. Select Done to complete the configuration for the DocuSign mapping.
  10. If you would like to automatically fill out fields in the template with Smartsheet data, drag and drop columns from the sheet on the left to the DocuSign fields on the right.
  11. Select Save at the top right to save the mapping.

To edit a mapping in the document builder, hover your cursor over the mapping, and click the edit icon. This reopens the drag-and-drop mapping screen where you can add, remove, or modify columns that have been mapped to the DocuSign template.

You can also edit the DocuSign role assignments, by clicking the Settings button on the mapping screen. Make any necessary changes, and choose Done to return to the mapping screen. Select Save to save the mapping.

Any user with Admin or Owner permissions to the sheet will be able to create and edit DocuSign mappings on that sheet after you have logged in to your Docusign account. People with Edit permissions to the sheet will be able to send documents for signature. Viewers will NOT be able to create or edit DocuSign mappings, or send documents for signature.

The DocuSign account you use in the integration must have the following permissions: Allow users to send envelopes and at least Create level Template permissions. To learn more about DocuSign permissions, see this article:


  • If you’d like any data to be added to the template automatically, simply drag and drop Smartsheet columns on the left to the template fields on the right.
  • Don’t worry about dragging fields on to the signature fields - these are configured separately in the Assign Roles section of the mapping wizard.
  • To view more pages, scroll to the bottom and navigate using Next and Prev buttons.