Schedule Daily Sheet Save

Applies to

Bridge by Smartsheet

Use this Bridge template to save your sheet daily and update the TODAY function in your formulas without needing to open or make any changes to the sheet. 

The TODAY function in Smartsheet returns the current date within formulas. However, for the TODAY function to recognize what the current date is, the sheet must be updated and saved (see this article on TODAY for more details). If there is a chance that a sheet may not have enough daily activity for TODAY to update, this Bridge template can automatically do that for you each day.

  • Systems Used
    • Smartsheet
  • Workflow Trigger:
    • Manual trigger
  • Templates Used:
    • Bridge Workflow - Daily Sheet Save - Start Schedule
    • Bridge Workflow - Daily Sheet Save - Save Sheet

Steps to complete:

  1. Create a hidden field
  2. Deploy the template
  3. Set up the Save Sheet workflow
  4. Set up the schedule
  5. Start the schedule

Create a hidden field

In the sheet you want to save on a daily basis, add a column called Save Sheet and set it to be a checkbox type of column. You will only be using one row in the column for your workflows, so choose a row that makes sense to your process and that you know won’t be deleted. It won't interfere with any other columns on the same row, and you can even hide this column if you'd prefer.

Deploy the template

  1. In the Bridge Solution Center, find the template Daily Sheet Save in the list and click on it.
  2. Give your workflows a name and click Deploy. 
  3. This template contains two workflows and they are now available in the list of Workflows. 
  4. Click on Daily Sheet Save - Save Sheet to open it.

Authenticate Smartsheet

  1. In the workflow Daily Sheet Save - Start Schedule, click on the Trigger element at the start of the workflow to reveal the trigger panel on the right side of the designer.
  2. Under the section Integration Triggers, click on the link to the Integrations Page.
  3. In the tab that opens, find the Smartsheet integration and click on the logo.
  4. You won't be using Smartsheet as the trigger for these workflows, so close the tab and go back to the designer.

Set up the schedule

  1. In Daily Sheet Save - Start Schedule, click on the workflow element called System Tools: Schedule Conversation.
  2. In the Template field, enter the name of the other workflow: Daily Sheet Save - Save Sheet. The full name will depend on the name you gave the template in the first step of this guide.
  3. Expand the Entity List section. The Key #1 and Key #2 fields have already been populated.
  4. In the Value #1 field, enter the row ID from your sheet.

    NOTE: You can find the row ID by hovering over the left most column of the relevant row. Expand the dropdown via the arrow that appears and select Properties.
  5. In the Value #2 field, enter the sheet ID you want to use.

    NOTE: You can find the sheet ID by navigating to your sheet and selecting File > Properties.
  6. Next, set a time you want the schedule to start. This will also determine the time of day your schedule runs once started.

    This needs to be set in unix time. You can use this free online converter to find the timestamp you need.

Choose the time you want the workflow to run, get the unix timestamp, and enter it into the Time To Start Conversation field.

System Tools Schedule Conversation module

Start the schedule

Testing the schedule

Remember that when you start the schedule it will continue to run once per day. If you want to test it before using it continuously, you can change the value in the Interval dropdown to Once. 

When you're satisfied it works as you expect, you can change it back to Daily and start it again.

Now you are ready to kick off the schedule, which will cause the Daily Sheet Save - Save Sheet workflow to run once per day. The simplest way to do this is by triggering the Daily Sheet Save - Start Schedule workflow manually.

  1. Click on the trigger element again to open up the panel.
  2. Expand the last section called Phrases and enter the value Start.
    NOTE: Make sure you don't have any other workflows in the workspace triggered via phrases using the word Start. If you do they will all be triggered, so pick some other phrase to use.
  3. Save the workflow.

Start the daily workflow with a phrase

  1. In the top right corner of Bridge, click on the speech bubble to open up a chat window.
  2. In the text field at the bottom where it says Talk to Bridge, type in the word Start and hit enter. A message will confirm when the schedule has been created.

Start Chat View

Now, once per day, from the time you entered earlier, your sheet will be updated by either checking or unchecking the checkbox on the row you chose to use. Each time the checkbox changes the sheet will be automatically saved.

Cancel the schedule

You will need the schedule ID to cancel the schedule in the future. 

  1. You can find it in the Run Log by expanding System tools: Schedule Conversation
  2. Copy the JSON source of the objectUUID.

ObjectUUID in Run Log