Export Data for Pivot Table Reports

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These reports have been created using the .CSV export from 10,000ft and the PivotTable functionality in Excel. The 10,000ft report filter settings for each export are shown below.

Client & Project Budget Overview

  • View: Budget: Amounts

  • Time Frame: Last and Next 90 Days

  • First Group By: Client

  • Then Group By: Project

  • Show: Project Type: Confirmed

Pivot table

Pivot table 2


Last Month’s Billable Utilization

  • View: Time & Fees: Hours & Amounts

  • Time Frame: Last Month

  • First Group By: Discipline

  • Then Group By: Team Member

  • Show: Project Type: Confirmed

For this report, we have added two columns using the 10,000ft data. The total available hours is generated by calculating the total working days for that duration of time and multiplying those days by the work day for each person. In this example, there are 23 working days in October and 8 hours available in each day = 184 hours available. Utilization is measured by determining what percentage of those hours were spent on billable work.

Pivot table 3

Pivot table 4

Individual Project Budget Report

  • View: Time & Fees

  • Time Frame: Project Duration

  • First Group By: Phase

  • Then Group By: Team Member

  • Show: Project’s Name and Client

Pivot table 5

Pivot table 6